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Find a super cheap trip to anywhere Flights can be a sucker for your trip budgets, dependant on where you stay. What is the best way to find a cheap ticket? In recent years I have learnt a few tips, and flights are no longer the exhausting cost they were when I began to journey. This can be a little trial, but if you're alert in your air traffic control quest, there's usually a way to get where you want to go without breaking the bank.

Some of the other things that are close to my heart are Flight Network, Hipmunk and Google Flights. Since I am located in New Zealand, I will take Auckland as my base. As an example, we assume that we are going to Tokyo for two whole weeks-from April 1 to April 14. Simply go to Skyscanner, enter your data and your target, click Find.

Nearly all airline companies will look for you and offer you the best available prices. That' not too good, but let's see if we can lower the prices a little. Best way to safe your cash on a plane is to be agile. Let us look for another plane to Tokyo, provided we don't give a damn when we leave.

The only thing we want is the lowest fare. For this purpose, please do not change your selection criterias, but select "cheapest month" in the date range. Then Skyscanner searches every months and offers you the best cheap flights of the year. In order to get the best two-week travel deal, you would probably pick the flights I circle in color pink - the outbound on July 24 for $192 and the homecoming on August 7 for $208 for a grand total of $400.

In less than a moment, we've determined the lowest fare of the year and we' ve made $222 or 37% savings. When July or August is not a good season for you, simply click on the drop-down list of the following day and you will receive a price display for each month:

Although July was given to us as the best months, September and October look just as good. However, as soon as you click around this data, you will find that the returns game is probably more costly, which is why Skyscanner gave us July instead (Skyscanner is somehow clever). If we actually choose these flights for $400 and click on "Get Prices", we get to the current route.

If so, the Air Asia ticket turns out to be $416: you might think, why is it now $416 and not $400? In fact, this is really usual on these pages - there are even periods when the opposite is the case and the route is less expensive - maybe $390 or so.

Air fares are constantly varying (literally every minute), so I suppose this is the reason. When you are finished booking your flights, simply click on the orange icon and make your booking. When you look at the above route, you will see that it is an intermediate route, which means that the route has a stopover.

Here the journey goes through KUL (Kuala Lumpur). We now have an alternative to booking these routes seperately - we are booking Auckland to Kuala Lumpur, and then we are booking another Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo flights. With exactly the same technology from earlier I found the best cheap ticket from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur, which takes place in May/June for 285 dollars.

That' quite good, but we still have to get from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo. Of course we can't just look for appointments - we know exactly when we will be coming to and from Kuala Lumpur (23 May - 7 June), so we have to work with it. This is the general procedure to find the best fare to a particular location.

Stay agile on your appointments, try to make separate bookings for your feet, try out different intermediate towns. So, if you haven't fell in Love with a woman on a Tokyo gaming site or fell in Love with a guy wearing cosmplay, you might be able to give Tokyo a try somewhere else. In that case, here's what I do almost every trip I make.

We' re staying with Auckland for now. Configure the lookup to "One way". Then choose the options "cheapest month" as before. All year round you can use the full text of your flight from Auckland to anywhere in the United States. Please be aware that there is a certain delay until these results are updated.

So for example, I just went into this $199 UK based options and it was already gone, so it was probably a $199 UK based tariff or error rate that was terminated. However, these were all genuine results at a certain point in the process, and they are usually quite topical. Now, all these cheap flights are super thrilling, but we still have to ask.

Let's repeat the quest, but this year we will use a local international hubs as a starting point. The nearest hubs to Sydney or Singapore, for example, would be the nearest to Anuckland. Skyscanner scan we just did (from Ă…uckland to anywhere) says we can get to Aussie for $63 and to Singapore for $180.

Singapur is a really good Hub (possibly the best in the world), so we will use it. Here is the same "everywhere search" with Singapore as starting point: Obviously the game plan here would be to buy the $180 Singapore tickets and then start your trips from there. Below are some general aviation hints, and you can use them on all your flightsearches, even (especially) the gun searching we've done above.

We flew from Auckland to Tokyo in our example. Tokyo is near many major hub cities such as Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Manila. Australia is near Auckland. Thus many searching facilities are available to you. For example, it might be better if you fly from Auckland to Singapore and then take a low cost carrier like Tiger Air to Tokyo.

They can also take a Jetstar or Virgin from Auckland to Australia and try to fly from there. The Kuala Lumpur options in our example did not quite work, but there is a good possibility that others will do it if you have the opportunity to crawl them. In fact, I recall doing this a few years ago when, instead of the Emirates plane from Auckland to Nairobi (through Australia and Dubai), I got a low -cost carrier from Auckland to Singapore and then went from Singapore to Nairobi with an India carrier.

Whichbudget is a very practical search engine for flights of low cost carriers to and fromubs. The system combines all low-cost carriers and has many smaller carriers that cannot accommodate larger locations such as Skyscanners. I have never found a cheap plane on the airline's website that is less expensive than Skyscanner.

Somehow the price of finding a site is getting lower (I still haven't found a good reason). However, I found flights on the airline's website that did not appear on Skyscanner. The Skyscanner (and any other aggregate page) does not display every available individual trip. This means that you have to look a little more deeply after the first research, which means that you have to look through both the airplane finder and the air carriers' formal web sites.

Again, to make sure you haven't missed any of the less known carriers, do a fast find on Whichbudget as well. Instead of going to Tokyo, for example, you can try going to one of Japan's smaller towns. Osaka is the first thing that comes to your minds, and a fast quest shows that it is actually cheap.

As you recall, the best fare back to Tokyo was $400. Lowest fare to Osaka is 372 dollars: Apparently this leads to the issue of getting from Osaka to Tokyo after landing (it's about a 4-hour coach trip, I think), but if you don't care about going to Osaka, why not?

If so, the cost of the ticket is only slightly lower, so it may not be profitable for you, but sometimes it can be several hundred bucks less. Obviously this is okay, but it also means that you have no right to complaining about costly flights. There was a pair I was meeting who were spending $3,000 on their flights to Thailand because they didn't want to go Air Asia, which would have taken them there for $1,600.

Familiarize yourself with low -cost carriers and pay the hundred bucks you will be saving for something a little more worthwhile after landing. You say that the best date to go is Wednesday, and the best date to go is the last leg at midnight (or very early in the morning). If you are traveling through Asia, the 2 o'clock plane in the mornings is sometimes less than half the cost of the 9 o'clock one.

Be smart too, which season you are flying at. New Zealand held the Rugby World Cup in 2011, and during that period air fares into the nation rose. In addition, nobody wanted to abandon the land during this period, so that the flights from the land crashed to the low point.

It was during this period that I went to Buenos Aires for $1,100 round-trip (at that point prices were usually $2,000+). Booking too early will divide you into groups with the high paying (think of those travelling somewhere to a marriage or conference). Those folks make early reservations because they have to make sure they are going at that moment, so they freeze their flights early and give a bonus.

Also, if you make a booking too late, you will be divided into groups with the high paying (think of those who attend a burial or other emergency). Our unexplained rules are to make your booking in the gold window: This should give you the best shot at getting the best prize. That means that your web browsers will not store a cookie and will store information about where/when you searched for flights.

When there is a itinerary that you have often searched for, it is possible that the finder will determine and increase the price in your quest. The Jetstar often offers special flights from Auckland, which are almost 50% cheaper than the standard one. Cebu Pacific sometimes has $0 flights in the Philippines! Also Air Asia does all kinds of things like this.

I like Jetstar?s Auckland to Singapore, which usually appears in March or June. It' a great deal because when you are in Singapore, you can travel almost anywhere in Asia for less than $100. To say nothing of most airline companies that require between 700 and 1,000 dollars for this Auckland - Singapore itinerary.

It' quite simple to keep up to date on such offers - just subscribe to the e-mail newsletters of all the big carriers in your city/country and let the promotions come to you. Air fares are constantly changing. When you are looking for a particular airline, as we did in our Auckland - Tokyo example, it may be worth signing up for fare alert.

Dependent on the notifications you subscribe to, you will get e-mails when the rate will decrease (or increase sharply). The majority of browsers will have an alert notification feature, Skyscanner will have one: And I would also suggest subscribing to a second series of notifications from another site, as each locator has loopholes, as we have already discuss.

The Google Flights is a good choice, just turn on the pricing warnings as follows: Finally, register for some flights-sites. Many error tariffs (e.g. an air carrier inadvertently inserts a tariff for $200 instead of $2,000 into the system) and also temporary promotions. A few I can suggest are Airfare Watchdog, The Fall Deal and my own favorite, My Face/Fly.

Everybody seems to have their own little tips for finding cheap flights on-line, so if you have any, please post them in the comment section! Almost always flights are the greatest burden on a backpacker's pocket, so if you can get them under your belt, that's half the amount of money you win.

We have seen above that you do not have to pay tens of millions of dollars on flights to see the whole wide variety of the globe.

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