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I ordered a taxi and was completely dissatisfied with the service. At the moment, however, it is almost impossible to say whether this taxi is a real TCA taxi. As for many companies, sustainability is also important for TCA.

Airport Schiphol | TCA

Departures are in Abcoude, Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Badhoevedorp, Diemen, Duivendrecht, Halfweg, Landsmeer, Lijnden, Ouderkerkerk a/d Amstel and Zwanenburg. There is a 5 minute wait limit inclusive. In this case, the rider can then apply a wait price. Would you rather be collected by Schiphol? This is possible with Schiphol Transfer assistance (STA).

Your Amsterdam TCA Taxi is really a TCA Taxi?

Finally, it is well known that in Amsterdam (like elsewhere in Holland) taxi cabs are quite pricey. Even more badly, most taxi companies (including those that have only one driver) have a bad image - mostly rightly so. However, if an Amsterdam needs a taxi, 9 out of 10, it will choose a TCA taxi.

TCA = Taxi Centrale Amsterdam = Taxi Center Amsterdam). But besides all the taxi issues of the last years - which the administration tried to fix, but only to aggravate - now you can't even be sure that a taxi with a TCA skylight is a real TCA-attached taxi.

TCA Co-Director Richard Olling says that several hundred cabs in Amsterdam bear the TCA mark even though they are not connected to Taxi Centrale Amsterdam. Driver are stealing the candles or buying them on the illegal shelves. TCA had a past exclusive right in Amsterdam. Following the liberalisation of the taxi industry in 2000, Amsterdam was inundated with taxi companies and self-employed chauffeurs.

Neither did this contribute to the overall picture nor did it make taxi driving cheaper. There were all sorts of problems: taxi stands laid out for 10 taxi stands, for example, were all of a sudden used by 20-50 taxi stands. Driver struggled with each other, blocking each other's vehicles, stealing each other's clients and rejecting brief trips. This taxi stand at the main station has become so infamous that the local people now call it the Gaza Strip.

However, in mid-March 2008, TCA will begin to issue new skylights to its connected chauffeurs. About 1700 taxi riders are connected to the TCA.

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