A Trip around the World

Journey around the world

Travel the world with this exciting multicultural study. Calculate your trip as a "Around the World" ticket. It'll be a lot cheaper than booking a dozen one-way flights.


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Travelling around the world

Are you going to go around the world? When it comes to travelling around the world, do you have big reveries? Long distance is something you are considering but don't know where to begin? Planing a world trip can be an amazing accomplishment. It' s thrilling and frightening and great at the same aime.

We needed four years of debate to even make the choice to tour the world. Well, we know what a tough choice that can be. We have a lot of information that we can communicate with you, from the design stage to the feeling of being on the move and then how it feels to get home.

So you made the choice to go around the world. Interested in what it's really like to go long-term? These are some of our contributions that have been made during our trip around the world. Imagining what it's like to come home when you're still in the design stage of this fantastic experience can be difficult.

In search of an epiphany Roadtrip-ideas?

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