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Searching for cheap tickets

But there are some general trends to consider when looking for cheap airline tickets. Purchase online or call us around the clock and we look forward to booking your flights and holidays. Round Trip Search offers cheap flights and cheap airline tickets to national and international destinations.

Airways JetBlue Departures

The JetBlue Airways offer on-line check-in 24 to 30 min before scheduled departures and 24 to 60 min before scheduled departures. In order to make an on-line check-in, the passenger must provide his/her first and last name, place of origin and JetBlue number. Please note: on-line check-in is not available to travellers travelling with a companion dog or companion dog, as part of a group of 10 or more persons, in stand-by mode, who have bought an additional passenger or additional luggage on their journey, or who are accompanied underage.

JetBlue kiosks are open for check-in 6 hrs before planned flight start date. At a JetBlue check-in desk, check-in will vary from location to location. Please refer to the JetBlue website for further information on individual airports. It is recommended that travellers allow adequate periods of checking in, luggage collection and safety clearances, particularly during public holiday and high season periods.

In the case of a passenger with hold baggage, the check-in deadline is 30 min before a scheduled internal journey or 60 min before an internal journey. The JetBlue service is not liable for any costs resulting from delayed check-in. Customers must be at the gates 15 min before the planned departures for internal services and 20 min before the planned departures for services internationally.

Any passenger who arrives at the airport gates after these cut-off hours will not be carried and will not be eligible for reimbursement. At embarkation, passenger must present their embarkation card and photograph identification if they are 18 years of age or older. In the case of unsupervised children, please contact the carrier to find out the embarkation procedure and conditions.

JetBlue's snowboarding process begins with quiet snowboarding for those passenger who have asked for help with snowboarding. Next, we are offering prioritized boards for Mosaic and Even More Spaces clients who have updated their seating allocations. The general snowboarding then starts with 5 rows, with the passenger sitting at the back of the plane and being phoned first.

TrueBlue points per $1 for JetBlue flight are awarded to members. TrueBlue points can be collected through affiliate card payments and by meeting certain threshold levels, such as 5,000 points for buying and flying 3 JetBlue sightseeing tours in a year. The TrueBlue points never forfeit. It can be exchanged for single flight (5,000 points) and return flight (10,000 points). Families can collect their points to cash award tickets faster.

State-sponsored tax and charges on award travel are added.

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