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Taxi service Juneau Ak

Ramp-Equiped Taxi and the Taxi Voucher Program - Juneau Only A ramped cab is available in Juneau thanks to SEIL, the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, and Juneau Taxicab. Our Voucher Programme offers you a slightly lower price for last-minute journeys and journeys outside the service area and the opening times of our local transport services. Through state subsidies, Juneau Taxis and Sai Lime have teamed up to create this very beloved programme, which enables individuals over 60 or with a disability to travel for 40 euro cent per US dollars.

You can do this in the Juneau office: Reduced fares can only be used with Juneau Taxis, they are suitable for all locations in the Juneau street network and includes the use of the Juneau taxis which are suitable for wheelchairs. Further information about the SAIL Taxis Voucher Programme can be found here.

Melino's Marine Services. Tow & Rescue

Now we can get to every village in Southeast Alaska and will work to defeat EVERY competitor. If you are staying in a secluded hostel and a group of travellers from your holiday resort comes to us or returns, we divide the 50/50 overall rate between you and the other people!

A lot of our accommodations contain the fare in your travel and will work with us as an alternative to air travel, speak to your host if you want to fly with us because your flights are late, canceled or if you want an memorable one! WASSERTAXI's provide a great chance to see what Alaska has to offer! What a great time!

Whilst airfare can be cheaper, if planes cannot get you to your destinations, we can bring you comfortably! Aquatic taxis are a great way to get to your holiday destinations and offer something airplanes can't do, a WILD LIFE SAFERI on every journey! Experience your adventures in the convenience and security of one of our yachts, as Mother nature will perform a show just for you!

Sticked in Juneau??? Has the Lodge any guest come back with us from or to Juneau? Have we already scheduled a journey near your final goal with another customer? Must you be met or just a one-time detour to Southeast Alaska? In case your location is not mentioned, please call us to check if it is available.

Take a look at one of our ships "SEA PIRATE", she is BOILT for Alaska with a view to your security and your comforts.

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