Maldives Taxi Services

The Maldives Taxi Services

Taxis tariff tables (km and miles). At two addresses in the Maldives it finds the distance between them and estimates the price of taxi services. The airports do not expect you to be able to call a taxi as there is no taxi rank.

This has become the first preference as we are the only website that offers extensive information to our customers from all over the globe.

This has become the first preference as we are the only website that offers extensive information to our customers from all over the globe. Besides transfer services we also support you in all aspect of your travelling services from easy check-in at the airports to chartering your own boat or host your own party on a privately owned island. We take care of your bookings, arrival, accomodation, logistic and congress.

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Masculine Island Transportation

Malé Iceland is the most populated country and the capitol of the Republic of Maldives. It is not very big, but there are several different ways for visitors to get around the islands. Below we have list some of the most common transport modes on Male Iceland.

The Brahim Nassir Airfield is on Hulhule Island. New arrivals have to arrive at Male Island and fortunately it is very simple by carfer. Cruises depart about every ten min and a pass to get from Hulhule Island to Male Island costs about $1 for a tourist. To get to the shuttle, incoming visitors just go straight from the terminal to the jetty to take a shuttle.

Malé Iceland itself is very easy to pass and the countryside is totally shallow. Many of the island's major tourist sites can be reached in about an hours drive and are within easy reach of the dock. Visitors can see both the old and new Mosque, the Sultan's Gardens, the President's House, the Graveyard and the Fischmarkt within an hours drive.

In order to get to the back of the archipelago and to stop at the beach, visitors should allow two to three hour's walk. Not only are aquatic cabs a good way to get to Male Iceland, they are also a good way to explore the area. Those shallow bottom vessels are available on a regular basis to take tourist to several offshore destinations near Male Iceland.

Aquatic taxi are very dependable, quick and very easy to drive from place to place. The majority of resort and hotel establishments will be able to plan tourist taxi services. A taxi on the isle is a good way to find your way around. Cabins are quite dependable and relatively cheap. The majority of cabins are comfortably driven and are usually air-conditioned.

Cabins run from one point to another at a set rate. You can reach most places by taxi for about $1, but be ready for the Male Island service. Floatplane ticket costs about $70 per capita for a 30 -minute itinerary.

This floatplane trip will take you across the whole archipelago in a very gentle and convenient trip. This is a must for the low costs, in order to see the whole archipelago from a completely different point of perspective, which cannot be won by just going around it. Editorial note: The information on this page has been gathered with the help of genuine travel reports on various means of transport when you visit Male Iceland.

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