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Dependable and trustworthy Maxicab limousine services in Singapore, book a Maxi Taxi online now! One of the largest and most luxurious taxis in Singapore, Maxi Cab is a frequent and discerning traveller. Maxi Cab Minibus Singapore is specialized in the luxury minibus taxi service in Singapore.

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Maxicab Singapore, your favourite transport option, be it a Maxi Cab Airport Pick Up, a Maxi Cab Booking Online, a 13-seater Minibus Booking or even a Maxicab Booking wheelchair. A 24-hour Maxi Cabin Booking makes it easy for you to travel whenever and wherever you want. An appropriate rate, with first-class services.

Please call our Helpline for an immediate Maxicab booking or use our Maxicab Booking Online Booking Services for an advanced booking of Maxi cabins or minibuses. Known for our 7-seater taxi booking services in Singapore over the past 5 years, we are pioneering in the Big Cab Singapore charter business. A maxi-cabin in 20 min. width of the isle.

Give us a call now and book a Maxicab with the best Singapore Maxicabs on the shelves. This minibus was good for us 8 and there was also a big place for us to place our offers which were packaged in big crates. Minibus was neat and the fare was appropriate for the hours we booked.

Drivers were slow to wait and helped to put the articles in the minibus. Respected for the fast service." "My familiy and I have reserved a 13-seater minibus for our 2-way journey from Sembawang to the bus station across the city. Minibus was there before we even got to the gold avenue.

Must-have for every customer care provider. Maxicab was the perfect 7-seater to store our luggage.

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The Maxi Cab (7-seater) provides the versatility to switch to different seating plans to suit your needs. The Maxi Cab provides comfortable seating for five guests and can hold up to seven adults with plenty of room for baggage and items. Exclusively use the maxi cabin, which can hold up to 7 full sized adults or a max. of 4 full sized adults with one handicapped person and a max. of 5 pieces of baggage.

The Maxi Cab provides a load area of up to 2 metres (length) x 1 metre (width) x 1 metre (height).

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