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Buying aircraft

Buying an aircraft Purchasing a plane is something most planes have dreamed of. Whether you are a first purchaser or an old hands aircraft owner, a winning buy will require a clear grasp of the missions, a thorough assessment of the skills and limits of the aircraft and aircraft, and a real perspective on the costs of owning the aircraft. Purchasing an aircraft with great love of detail becomes a worthwhile adventure, giving you a new feeling of liberty and proud. In order to help the potential purchaser, we have compiled some common questions: You should consider what type of property is best for you before deciding what type of aircraft to buy.

It'?s all yours: The Premier can refer you to a competent lawyer who will help you make a good deal. Re-letting your aircraft to an FBO or aviation training centre not only shifts some of the operating costs, it can also turn your aircraft into a centre of profits. Disadvantage is that foreigners will fly your plane.

Primeer will be pleased to work with you to meet the right expectation and look for lease back options near you. Find out more about the different ways to own an aircraft. Choosing the "right" plane will depend on your most common missions. A few flyers use their aircraft to make it easier to do your job, so it is important to have good airspeed.

Some use theirs for leisure and amusement - the legendary "$100 Hamburg Runs" - so low running costs are a target. As soon as you have understood your missions well, it will be easy to select the right aircraft. Costs: Aircraft operation costs are a decisive factor for most aircraft operators.

Whilst the purchasing value of an aircraft is significant, other long-term expenses may play a greater role. This is why it is so important to know the overall value of your company in terms of your ownership. Older lightweight twin models, for example, can often be bought for less than a newer singles, but the higher expenses for exercise, insurances, fuel consumption and servicing can quickly devour any saving on the initial investment.

It' s very important to combine your abilities and experiences with an aircraft that matches your abilities. Speak to an insurance company early to see what your piloting needs or extra coaching will be before they write you a policy. Most importantly, the security issue is the pilots, but the aircraft make a distinction.

Diamond Aircraft, for example, has the best security in the business and Diamond and Mooney provide cab interior cover that outperforms all other makes. The Premier sales person can help you evaluate the security benefits of the aircraft you are considering. Possession of an aircraft is often the fulfilment of a wish.

You' re gonna buy a plane you're proud of. Find out more about which type of aircraft is right for you. Second-hand aircraft are often restricted to short-term credit. A few purchasers who do not intend to use their aircraft for commercial purposes will often use home ownership credits to obtain fiscal benefits.

The Prime Minister will talk the case over with you and help you find the right funding source. Find out more about how to finance your aircraft. When used legitimately, fiscal stimulus makes the purchase of any aircraft more affordably; often a new aircraft is just as affordably priced as a used one.

Seize the chance to talk about your own circumstances with your Premier agent and an expert in flight controls. Find out more about the fiscal impact of aircraft owning. Put in simple terms, we wouldn't be selling a plane that we wouldn't own ourselves. It is not our aim to offer you an aircraft for sale, but to give you expert advise on your aircraft purchases.

For more information on why you should buy a Premier aircraft, please get in touch.

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