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"Matterhorn is the new white," says Viv Diprose, communications manager at PrivateFly, a private jet charter company. Current trends in aircraft exterior design have long since moved away from classic styles. The ALTER EGO project group is now one of the few companies to offer interior and exterior design for private jets.

Refrigerated exterior structures of aircraft: Arts and Vision

Today's exterior design trend has long since moved away from classical style. Today, airplanes and private planes make their own trendy statement. The outdoor areas most discussed today provide something less common in which artwork blends with function. Aeroplane exterior design has reached a new stage as businesses and private jet operators are investing in their corporate image, highlighting colours and logo that underline the company's corporate image.

While these airplanes conquer the sky, their outer graphic images act as an ambassador for their owner. All of us know that there is no second opportunity to make a first impact, so those who want to be reminded take the outside of their plane seriously. This is our choice of exterior sides that just inspire us:

The latest growth in hairyan airlines is a 48-person turbo prop. ATR 42 was designed by the famous Hilo artists Sig Zane and his Kuhao daughter. Ohana is a name that is synonymous with families in Hawaii, and the company's mission is to fly all islands together. Considering the three cases, it is evident that arts and visions go together to create new and thrilling messengers to heaven.

Have you got a popular exterior airplane look?

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Sunset private jet, old fashioned jet airliner with jet power, showing detail of the airliner including bow thrusters, internal and external control, etc.

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