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Colombo Airport Taxi

Updating of taxi rates from Colombo Airport - Negombo Forum Seems like it's been some while since we talked about taxiing. I thought that present and prospective guests would like to know that I was offered just 20 US dollars for a one-way ticket to a Negombo airport from Colombo airport, plus about 10-15% as these are prices for natives with non-English speakers.

Good luck, if someone comes to collect you, you have to spend 230 rubies for the parking, 300 rubies for the entrance and 100 rubles for the page. Therefore, the general suggestion is not to organize them unless they are less expensive than the airport taxi counters; rates of the above.

Good luck, yes, the taxi desks are open 24 hours a day. Han gives one-way fares for 75 Rs/km, and you use round-trip fares for 45 Rs/km. Either with a fairly basis, with one-way transports one assumes an empty handover for the cabin. Good luck, can someone please tell me how much I can wait for a taxi from Colombo airport to Mount Lavinia and then for a second voyage from Mount Lavinia to Halle, how long would this be?

The Colombo Airport Taxi website. - sri lanka forum

The Colombo Airport Taxi website. Prices seem to be good, just wanted to know if it was the real airport taxi website ? Colombo Airport Taxi website. Colombo Airport Taxi website. After an 11-hour overnight stay we think about to stop at the Airport Villa after arriving at 2 o'clock in the morning. Then we could bring a kuk-tok back to the airport to get a cab.

Airport Villa wanted a full 13000 to Kandy when I was sure it should be only about 7500- 8000. Someone with a better proposal for a nearby airport should be so kind to let me know just to lower our minds for a few ours in a nice air-conditioning room.

The Colombo Airport Taxi website. Hello, b] Go to the taxi counters and organize 2 trips. At first the brief and inexpensive to the Airport Villa and then the drive, with pick-up from the villa, to Kandy. Colombo Airport Taxi page. Colombo Airport Taxi page.

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