Association of Company Secretaryship

Confederation of Company Secretaries

A certificate of Company Secretary(CS) is awarded by the Institute of Company Secretary of India to a candidate who qualifies for membership of the Institute. Institute of Company Secretaries of India is the leading professional organization for the development and regulation of the Company Secretary profession in India. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is the only body in India that offers a course for company secretaries.

Indian Institute of Business Secretaries

One of the laws of Parliament is the Company Secretary Act, 1980 (Act No 56 of 1980), which establishes the Institute of Company Secretary of India (ICSI). The Institute of Company Secretaries of India issues the Company Secretary(CS) certification to a nominee who qualifies for Institute affiliation.

In 1960, the Company Law Board began a course in Company Secretaryship, which led to the government diploma in Company Secretaryship. When the number of corporate secretariat course participants increased, the government sponsored the Institute of Company Secretary of India on October 4, 1968 under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, to take over from the government the task of conducting the corporate secretariat audit.

In accordance with Rules 8 and A of the Company Regulations (Appointment and Compensation of Executives), Regulation 2014, all entities with paid-up capitals of RES.5Core or above shall be obligated to nominate a full-time company secretary, and pursuant to Section 204, all publicly traded entities and corporations with paid-up capitals of RES.50Core or above and sales of RES.250Core or above shall be obligated to obtain a secretariat auditor's certificate from a practicing company secretary to be attached to the Board of Directors' reports together with the financial statements.

Being a proactive institution, the Institute concentrates on the best and highest level of student training and the best standards of member standards. An executive secretary, who is an authorized signatory and executive in senior positions in the company, is an authority on various legislation and business management. Mr. Becker is head consultant for company matters on the executive committee.

She or he shall conduct a secretariat auditing of the company, which shall include her or his impartial opinions on various acts for the company, such as labour legislation, company legislation, environment legislation, stock corporation legislation and other relevant legislation. Requires 15 academic tuition per successful completion of management levels. Requires 1 year of PCS/Company education after successful exam.

Successful 2 years apprenticeship under PCS/ company necessary after successful management examination. 3-year apprenticeship under PCS/company necessary after successful formation. ID number assigned by the institute to its members after completing the course (examination, trainings, etc.). Two kinds of memberships exist, namely associate memberships and memberships.

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