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Taxi toll payment - New York City Forum Sounds like a strange notion, but how do you get the toll in a taxi? You need an accurate bill of exchange? It will be our first trip to New York and we have found it rewarding to take a taxi for comfort. At the end of the trip, the taxi cabbie will add it to your taxi-rate.

A number of ways are available to do this... most taxi drivers have a passport that seldom goes through the checkouts! Besides, I usually only end up paying them... along with the ticket price and the tip! From a technical point of view, taxi drivers MUST use our toll stations and transfer the cost-saving to you.

In the taxi there is an RFID reader that will add the toll to the counter as well. Once I was asked to foot the bar fee as we were driving through the stand. This seemed a little strange, but I had the right modification available, so I didn't call it into question then.

Taxi toll tunnels - New York City Forum

Of course, the toll is paid by the passengers; it would be completely preposterous to assume that the rider paid it if it was the passengers and not the rider who had to use the bridge! Remember that the toll is not the only toll: there may also be toll on the New Jersey Turnpike.

When taking a taxi from New York to Newark International Airports, the passengers have to foot all toll charges in both direction (i.e. the motorway toll to the New York International Airports and the tunnels and motorway toll back) because the drivers cannot collect a passengers in New York to drive back to New York. However, as already mentioned, the toll fees are payed via an EZ-Pass, so that you only have to give your drivers cash at the end of the journey.

Also, please be aware that the pricing system for New Jersey cabs is NOT the same as that for New York cabs, so you may want to use a auto van rather than a taxi.

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