Taxi in Toronto

Toronto Taxi

Since Toronto is as busy and congested as it is, it may be better to travel by taxi than to drive your own car if you are not near the subway lines. How to get tips in Canada Tips in Canada are similar to those in the USA. Generally, when you receive benefits such as waiters, barbers, taxi driver, hotels and others, you are required to give an additional amount of cash in excess of the specified costs. So for example, if a pruning is $45, you should be paying that amount, plus, say, another $5 to $10 as a tip, for good quality customer care.

Gratuity is not compulsory, but is generally anticipated as most services provide a relatively low basic salary (the hourly income in Canada is about $10) and depend on gratuities to get their income at a reasonable (sometimes very good) level. Below are some more peculiar conditions and instructions on how to tip (the proposed sums are in Canadians dollars).

Note that VAT in Canada varies between 5% and 15% according to provinces, but tip calculation is proposed for pre-tax sums. While not everyone gives these riders advice, a tip of $2 is reasonable if your rider was kind or supportive. Maid: $2 to $5 per night or a flat rate at the end of your staying.

Roomservice: It is important that you verify whether a tip is covered by the room rate, as it is not necessary to tip more than that. Otherwise, 15% are customary, or $2 to $5 if the employee delivers a free product such as additional cushion. Tips are not customary, but if you are particularly satisfied with your services, a tip at the end of your visit is certainly desirable.

In Nova Scotia, for example, the VAT is 15%, so you can tilt at least the amount of your invoice. Or in Alberta, where VAT is 5%, simply multiplied by 3 to get a tip for a good level of services.

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