Taxi Licence Renewal

Extension of taxi license

An SPSV regular licence is valid for five years and renewable; a local Hackney licence is valid for three years and cannot be renewed. Extend on line Extend your Hackney fleet or your personal rental driver's license. Prolongation can only be performed on-line if you do not require a DBS test, MDLC test or DLA test. We may not be able to extend your license if you did not perform these tests before your license expired.

You are responsible for knowing when these controls are due and for submitting the appropriate documentation in a timely manner.

Any delay in renewal due to delayed filing of audits or requests is not our liability. There is no obligation to issue renewal notices for licenses or due controls. As of December 1, 2016, you must also have a right to license verification. Once you have finished a DBS or DBS examination or obtained your DBS certification, you must submit it to us before extending it on-line.

The processing of your application will take at least 7 workingdays and will be sent to you by mail. You must update your driver's license with a hard copy document (opens a new window) if: In order to be handled and sent to you by mail, applicants need at least 10 workingdays to submit a job application on hard copy.

After completing the hard copy request you can submit your request to the Citizen Service Point at 100 Temple Street or by post: You must give us your consent in writing if you want someone else to review your use or license with us on your own account.

When submitting your request to the Citizen Services Point at 100 Temple Street, you can either purchase your license at the self-service checkout or, if you are submitting your request by mail, please include a check with your request. Unless you extend your license before it lapses, you will not be a licenced chauffeur.

The processing of your application will take at least 10 workingdays and you will receive it by mail. When your license has elapsed or you are not sure whether you can extend it in a timely manner for any reasons, please refer to the license management group.

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