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You can also find a part of the page "Empty legs". Viktor's Clive Jackson on empty legs and online charter competition. Blank legs - Victor The Empty Legs page allows you to review the available empty legs. Each flight is chronologically ordered and can be screened by your preferred itinerary, your destination and/or date of arrival. When there are no available services that suit your needs, we will select the closest matching and it will be possible to customize other empty routes to your preferred date and itinerary.

For empty en-route flight departures specific terms apply:

VICTORIA APU ABOUS for executive jetliners

Victor, who has just collected about 5.5 million ($8 million) in capital funds, extended into the US and started a portable application on Apple's iPhone handset platforms. British startups work similar to Uber, but instead of buying a vehicle, instead of choosing a plane, travellers choose a luxurious plane to circumnavigate the globe with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can get around the globe in just a few minutes.

There is even a dog friendly dog assistance program, Pet on Air, which is aimed at those who don't like the thought of having their rover in the luggage compartment of an airliner. The first possibility in the application is to rent one of the 7,000 privately owned planes. To do this, select your flight date, location and plane type and pay.

Among the different kinds of aircraft are the "Head of State", the "Midsize" (good for longer journeys in Europe) and the "Very Light Jet", which can take you from London to Berlin, for example. Rates depend on the aircraft's location, flight times and sizes. VICTORIA should be less expensive and more "transparent" because it eliminates extra charges levied by member and agency member associations.

VICTORIA works directly with aerospace contractors, so there is no need for agents who could drive up the cost of commissions, says Clive Jackson, chief executive officer and company owner. "We' re making it cheap by taking out the broker," says Jackson. "He says the brokerage markets are "inefficient and unclear." Instead, Victor offers "full visibility of the airplane, flight crews and price system".

"The traditional way of reserving a personal plane is inefficient because customers are at the mercy a broker, who often significantly increase costs due to the absence of regulations in the market," says Jackson. "I' m sure those who go like this want the best," says Jackson. In spite of its lightness, Victor is conceived as a luxury and "tailor-made" guestroom.

Clients receive a courier who handles the booking and ensures that all needs are catered for. "Jackson says, you're acting like a PA." "The Victor's Pets on Jet programme allows a dog to go with its owner. Jackson even suggested that there might be a twinning with Uber in the near term that would sealing a door-to-door deal.

A Victor-developed algorithms is used to find and assemble all replacement planes based at an airport. They may be privately held but cannot be contracted, so clients can do so through Victor. Below are some fares for flying from London at the moment of the letter - only £3,327 ($4,931) to Bordeaux, France.

Yes, it's much more than EasyJet, but divided into seven persons it's relatively cheap, with only 475 ($704) per each. I found the lowest offer was only 990 pounds (1,467 dollars) - from London Luton to Birmingham International. Jackson, headquartered in the London offices, also told me that the application and the US roll-out were advancements for the company.

Since the US aerospace industry has a large US aerospace industry, it is certainly right to introduce it there. "Victor has opened a subsidiary in California and is constantly recruiting technicians. Mr Jackson says that the USA is the biggest privately owned jet destination, accounting for 49 people. 7 per cent of the world markets; Europe has a 20.

"Extending our activities to the US will ensure that we are present in the most important markets and can be nearer to our regional customers," he says. "Victor's stockholders are also some of its most common flyers, demonstrating that our clients value and value our way of doing business."

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