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Inform yourself about the taxi rates, taxi numbers and our tips, so that you won't be deceived.... hosted scheduling software for taxi &

taxi companies. There are clearly marked taxi stands at all terminals outside the arrivals area. Only direct transfer is by taxi from Madrid airport.

Travelling by taxi through Madrid

For example, the flag case during the day is 2.40 in Madrid and between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., and up to 2.90 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 25.90 ? on Saturdays, Sundays and Sundays. There are several surcharges, which are usually charged in the taxi. 5,50 to/from the airports (if you don't pay the package price); 3 from taxi stands at railway and coach terminals; 3 ? to/from Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I; and 6,70 ? on New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve from 22.00 to 6.00.

The 24-hour taxis include tele-taxis and radio-telephone taxis. Pressing a go-ahead on the rooftop means that the taxi is available. Tips for taxi driver are not usual, although it does not harm to round up the rates to the next EUR or two EUR.

Taxidriver in Madrid - Expat travel guide for Spain

madamman defends taxi riders, who often get a poor reputation for ruthless riding and excessive fees. You can find a taxi all over Madrid - but less in the neighborhoods just outside the city center (where I live). Taxi driver in Madrid: In general, taxi riders in Madrid are always very professionals, almost always men and always immer Span.

I' ve never met a non-Spanish taxi cabbie before. The taxi driver's licence can only be handed down from member of the household to member of the household, but can also be hired, although this seldom happens. As a rule, taxi riders own their own cars and are in charge of their upkeep. It'?s rare to see a filthy taxi, neither inside nor out.

Driver spending most of their lives at the railway stations and airport, awaiting duty and spending most of their hours washing their vehicles, doing Sudokus, speaking with other riders or even practising music. I saw a TV documentary about a small yard in front of the railway Atocha in Madrid, where the taxi driver cultivates and cares for flowers and flowers.

You know, most cabbies are chatty. Several are complaining about the recent Real Madrid losses and others about other riders. Strangely enough, there was a taxi cab follower who frankly pretended to be a hag. One thing seems to be the case everywhere, only a few (if any) of us do.

Therefore, it is advisable to take a taxi with a letter if you do not know Spanish. Taxi cabs in Spain have a poor record as insane chauffeurs, but I don't think that's the case. Normally I don't put my safety harness on in Madrid when I'm driving in a taxi.

As in the USA, you stand on or near the kerbstone and raise your arms against an approaching taxi that has the "LIBRE" shield in the windscreen exposed and the roof lights next to the "TAXI" shield. However, in general fares are not as high as in New York City.

In Madrid, there are holdups of taxi riders, but not very often. The majority of cabs don't have the Plexiglas barriers that separate the passenger from the cab rider, but I've seen some of them. Over the years there has been repeated discussion about unreasonable or unlawful taxi fares.

REMEMBER make sure that the taximeter is switched on when getting on or just after driving. An overwhelming part of the riders are friendly, sincere, down-to-earth individuals who just try to make a livelihood or increase their daily earned wages. Be respectful and friendly to your taxi operator and he will always give you back your mood.

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