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Fifty cent a 1/5th after. Wait time: 20 cent per minutes; $12 per hour. That'?s a lot. 7 $ flat fee on the Charleston Peninsula (plus all applyable extras). The maximum rate fee (100%) can be used from midnight until 5:00 am. The gas surcharges were approved by the City of Charleston, up to the petrol surcharge.

Your total amount is calculated from what the taximeter shows up to the last 1/5 miles. You can have your cab fare charged less than the metre, but not more. All taxis are necessary to take the most immediate way to their destination or the desired passenger itinerary.

Call 843-580-2060 if for any reasons the counter is not working on your trip. Wait ONLY for these areas above: $24 per h or 40 cent per min. Wait period, City of Charleton: $12 per 1 hr or 20 Cent per 1 min (if the fuel cost exceeds the following per gal, the City of Charleston has approved the following per ticket surcharges):

town councillors

Dallas Central Business District is the area delimited by the Woodall Rodgers Freeway to the North, the Central Expressway to the East, the R.L. Thornton Freeway to the Sout and the Stemmons Freeway to the West and all points within 1,000 ft of the Dallas Central Business district boundary. Dallas Market Center area is the area bordered by Motor Street to the NW, Harry Hines Boulevard to the NW, Oaklawn Boulevard to the SW and Irving Boulevard to the SW.

An additional passenger is the sum of the number of persons, less one. The driver is obliged to return the counter at each point of arrival if he releases a passenger travelling in the same cabin with a passenger travelling to different points of arrival, unless one passenger is paying the ticket price for all the people. Tolling distances must be authorised in anticipation by the passenger.

Reduced rates must be arranged before the start of the taxi journey. The taximeter must be put into service during operations, irrespective of whether a lump sum or reduced tariff is payable. A $0.50 fuel supplement for every $0.50 raise or fall in the mean fuel cost per gallon over $2.00.

Dallas metre price applies to all journeys departing from D/FW airport with the following exceptions: Package price to and from destinations within the Fort Worth Central Business District and more. This is the minimal tariff for all journeys starting on the airport premises and ending outside the airport premises or the counter readings, whichever is higher, and includes extra charges.

Packages contain aerodrome taxes, but no additional passenger or petrol surcharges charged by taxi drivers:

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