Cessna 152 for Sale

The Cessna 152 for sale

150/152 Cessna aircraft for sale to sell. Cessna Aerobat was one of the variations of the Cessna 150. Cessna 150 Aerobat had about 100 HP and a top velocity of 109 kn. Cessna Aerobat had a cruise velocity of 106 kn and a filthy stable velocity of 42kn.

Cessna 152 is also available for sale. Cessna 152 is also a two-seater flat with a three-wheel chassis. Launched in 1977, this airplane was constructed until 1985. About 7,584 Cessna 152 were ever made. The Cessna 150 was designed directly after the Cessna 150.

Cessna 152 had a slightly bigger generating station than 150. There is a beautiful range of Cessna 150 for sale, as well as the Cessna Aerobat for sale. Have a look at our Cessna 150/152 stock below.

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Which is the Cessna 152 asking for? It is very light to use and has a very good inner life. I' d advise this plane to anyone small enough to get in - but the only drawback is the seat, which sometimes moves a little in the air (but nothing too serious).

However, during the next 50 hours, the check schools have assured everyone that the seat will be swapped. Soon, the plane will be perfected. And it is also very well cared for by the aviation school office and has had no trouble. Nice plane! I had no trouble with a Cessna 152 and have been in the air for 3 years!

However, the flying decks are a little small - so if you are a big individual, it could get a little crowded, especially on a long voyage. Aircrafts were import from the USA Feb 2018, no accident or damages declared, import sales tax and customs clearance, state is 9 out of 10 years for his ages.........

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