Taxi D

Taxicab D

I' m Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd. It's the last line, "Well, I'm the only one here," never quoted. Contemporary drama in which a member of an election campaign (Cybill Shepherd) becomes the target of a taxi driver (Robert de Niro).

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Taxibetrieb Drivers is a 1976 movie about a Vietnam vet who is working as a night taxi operator in New York City and whose perception of degradation and sloppiness reinforces his desire to whip out violence. It'?s a long rush, but it keeps me very occupied. One day a genuine downpour will come and clean all this trash off the street.

I' m taking these guys to the Bronx, Brooklyn, I' m taking them to Harlem. that someone should become a human being like other human beings. At four in the morning I took Betsy to Charles Café, Columbus Circle. And Betsy had a cup of coffe and a plate of freshly baked fruits. She said that maybe we would go to the movies together when she comes home from work in the morning.

Betsy, Betsy, Betsy. No, Betsy what? Hello, Betsy. Hi, it's Travis. Yeah, uh, you, uh, you work really hard. It'?s a good job. Yes, it is. Yeah, sure, sure, sure, okay. Now I notice how much she is just like the others - cool and detached, and many so.

It had been in my brains for quite some while. Yeah. Huh? Are you? Your name is Betsy, but I can't tell you more than that... I just hoped this map would make you all as good as it does me. It'?s true passion, Travis. Dear Iris:

If you' re reading this, I'm gonna be gone. Travis. I felt a little too upbeat when we came up with our motto "We are the people", when I said let the nation govern. Humans make the requirements that I have made of them.

It'?s the nation that starts to govern. Today I tell you, we are the nation, we have endured suffering, we were there. We, the Vietnamese folk, did endure in Vietnam. We, the nation, have been suffering, we are still suffering from joblessness, hyperinflation, crime as well as corrupt practices. See that girl in the windows? I' m gonna, I' m gonna do her.

I' m gonna go get her and I' m gonna fucking kill her. I' m gonna go get her and I' m gonna fucking kill her. I' m gonna take her out with a .44 Magnum handgun. I' m gonna slay her with that weapon. 44 Magnum will do with a woman's snatch that you should see. Iris's father: Dear Mr. Bickle:

when we were in New York to get Iris. There' s no way we can pay you back for giving our iris back to us. I' m sure you want to know something about Iris. Travis: I can't get to bed at night. Travis: I know. Travis: I usually go around at night.

I think you know, I'll do that, I might as well get honored. Travis: I will work anytime and anywhere. Travis: Anytime, anywhere. Travis: It's clear, really clear - like my own conscience..... Beth: Beth: Beth: Man. Beth: Beth. Beth: Travis: [smiles slightly] Because I think you're the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen.

Charles Palantine, the man you voluntarily support in the election of the president. Travis: Well, I'm sure he'd make a good president. Beetsy: Betsy: Travis: Yeah, I'll check. Travis: I'll tell you why. You' re surrounded by a crowd. Beetsy: Betsy: Will you be my girlfriend?

Travis: Yeah. I have a four o'clock rest and when you get here.... Travis: Betsy: Yeah. Travis: I'll be here. I' m sure you will. Travis: All right, 4:00. Betsy: Travis: Betsy: Yeah. Travis: My name is Travis. Beth? Beetsy: Betsy:

Travis. Travis: I appreciate that, Betsy. Travis: Yeah, what's your name? I' m Travis. Travis: I'd like to know your name, what's your name? Travis: You can tell me your name, I'm not going to do anything. Travis: You don't have to call the executive, I mean, I'm just asking.....

Travis: all right, okay, I'm just, okay, can I have a chuckle? Travis: I'll take these. Travis: I know what you mean. One of these labels should say, "One day I will let myself be organised. You mean "organized"? Travis: Betsy: Travis: [about Tom] I'd say he had some issues.

I wouldn't be here if I didn't. Travis: ...the guy you work with. I don't think I've ever run into anyone like you. Do you know what you remember me about? Travis: What? Betsy: Travis: Who's that? Betsy: Travis: Is that what you're saying about me?

Beetsy: Betsy: Travis: I'm not a dealer. Beetsy: Betsy: Travis: I'm one of your greatest backers, you know. I' ll tell everyone who comes in that cab to come for you. Thank you - [pleased, he looks at Travis' photo, ID and driver's licence on the back seat] - Travis.

Travis: I'm sure you'll be the winner, sire. Everyone I know will be voting for you. As a matter of fact, I wanted to put one of your labels in my cab, but you know, the firm said it was against its policies. I' ve learnt more about America by driving taxis than all the limousines in the countryside... May I ask you something, Travis?

Travis: Sure. Palantine: Travis: Well, I don't know. Travis: Well. Whatever - whoever becomes president should just [Travis horns ] really tidy up. I sometimes go out and sniff it, I have a headache, it's so terrible, you know... They just never go away, you know... It's like... I think the president should just clear up all this chaos here.

Now, uh, I think I know what you mean, Travis. It' not going to be simple. We will have to make some drastic changes. Travis: Nice to talk to you, Travis. Travis: Nice to talk to you, man. And I know you're gonna do it. You gotta be joking.

Travis: What? Betsy: Travis: No, no, no, this is, this is a film where, uh, a couple of people come, all sorts of people come here. Beetsy: Betsy: Travis: Sure. I've seen her all along. Travis: Where are you going? I have to go now. Travis: Why? I don't know why I came in here.

Travis: Well, I mean, I, you know, I didn't know you'd think that way about this film. Beetsy: Betsy: Travis: Well, yeah, I mean, I'm coming - it's not that big a deal. Beth: Travis: Uh. Travis: Why won't you speak to me? Travis: You think I don't know.

Will you please go? Travis: Get your hand off me. You' re in hell, and you' re gonna be dying in hell like the rest of them! Travis: Well, I know you and I haven't spoken too much, you know, but I thought you were around a whole bunch so you could....

Travis: I have, it's just that I have one, I have one..... Travis: Yeah. Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Travis: Yeah, I caught a really down, a really... I just want to go out and, and you know, how to really, really, really do something. Taxi living, you mean?

Travis: Yeah, well. Somebody is living in Brooklyn, somebody is living in Sutton Place, you get a solicitor, another bloke is a physician, another bloke is dying, another bloke is getting well, and you already know that humans are made. Travis: Yeah, I don't know. Travis: Yeah, I don't know. Chill out, killer, it's gonna be okay.

And I know I've seen a bunch of guys and, uh, I know. Travis: That's the stupidest thing I've ever hear. I only sell high value goods to the right kind of folks. Thirty-eight - you go out and hit your fingernails with it all morning, come back and it will always intersect the kill point on the finish line.

Travis: How much for everything? Travis: No, I'm not interested in this shit. Travis: hey, you're a secret service man, aren't you? Travis: You're waitin' for the senator? Yes, it is. I' m not gonna say anything because I... I saw some suspicious-looking guys over there.

Yeah, they were over there, right over there. Travis: Yes. Is it difficult to be in the Secret Service? Travis: Well, I was just nosy because I think I'd be good at it. Travis: A sign. Travis: Will you do that? Sure: [The operative removes a notepad] Travis:

Travis: Yeah. Travis: Yes, 610452. Travis: Travis: I was remembering my phone number. Travis: Thank you very much. Travis: You have to be cautious in and around a place like this. You' gonna arrest me for nothing? Travis: I'm not a policeman. Travis: (gesticulating on Iris) Because she sent me over.

Travis: A.38? Shit. You' re a true buckaroo? Travis: Shit. Now, take it or don't take it. Travis: What did you say? Travis: I'm not a policeman, man. Travis: I'm hot. Travis: [stares] Sport: Have a good one. Travis: [continues staring] Sport: Come on, man, have a good one.

Travis: Are you really twelve and a half? It'?s Iris: Look, it'?s your turn, Mr. If your smoke goes out, your clock is up. Travis: How old are you? It'?s Iris: Travis: That's not a name. It'?s Iris: Travis: Yes, but what's your name?

I don't like my right name. Travis: What's your name now? Irris: Irris. Travis: Well, what's the matter with that? Huh! Travis: No, don't do that. When you got into a cab, it was a plaid cab. I don't know anymore.

Travis: You don't recall any of this? It'?s Iris: Travis: Well, that's fine. I' m gonna get you out of here. It'?s Iris: Travis: I don't want to make it. It'?s Iris: Travis: Iris: Travis: Why, what do you mean? It'?s Iris: Travis: [Iris keeps trying to open his zipper] What are you doing? Iris:

Travis: No, I don't want to make it. It'?s Iris: Travis: Iris: Travis: God damn it. I think I get, uh... I tried to get into your taxi one evening, and you want to come and take me away.

Travis: Yes, but won't you go? I can go whenever I want. Travis: Well then, what about that one tonight? It'?s Iris: Travis: Well, I don't know. And it means something, really. Travis: Iris: Ha, ha, that's not difficult to do. Travis: No, I don't mean that.

It'?s Iris: Travis: When Tomorrow? I get up around one o'clock. Travis: See you, Irish. Honey Irish. It'?s Iris: Travis: Yeah, but you can't go on living like this. It'?s Iris: Travis: What do you mean "women's movement"? It'?s Iris: Travis: Hey, I'm not stuffy. It'?s Iris: Travis: This fella, Sports, he's a murderer. It'?s Iris: Travis: He murdered someone.

He' s a scale. Travis: He's a what? I' m also a scale. Travis: Iris: I think cancer is the best lover, but God, my whole familiy are aerials. Travis: He's also a drug sniper. It'?s Iris: Travis: So, what are you gonna do about sports, that old beast?

It'?s Iris: Travis: If you go. I don't know. I' m just gonna walk out on him, I suppose. Travis: Are you just gonna go? Yes, they have many other sisters. Travis: Yeah, but you just can't do that. Well, what are you gonna do? It'?s Iris: Travis: What? Iris: Hey, look. Travis: But you can't allow him to do the same with other women.

He doesn't, he doesn't mean it. Travis: I've never seen a municipality before, but I don't know, you know, I've seen some photos once in a journal - didn't look very neat. It'?s Iris: Well, why don't you come with me to the community? Travis: Why not come, come to a community with you?

It'?s Iris: Travis: I don't go, I don't go to places like this. It'?s Iris: Travis: No, I can't deal with them. It'?s Iris: Travis: What? Iris: I can say it every single one. Travis: Besides, I have to be here. It'?s Iris: Travis: I have something very important to do. It'?s Iris: Travis: Iris:

Travis: Iris: Yes. Travis: I'm a narcotics officer. It'?s Iris: Travis: Well, I'll tell you what I'll do. I' ll give you the cash to leave. It'?s Iris: Travis: No, no, no. I don't like what I'm doing," Sports. You' ll never hang out with me again. Hello, Travis.

Travis: Hello. Yeah. It won't be long now. Travis: I sincerely hopes he will win. Beth: I saw about you in the paper. Travis: Betsy: Travis? Travis: So long.....

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