Jet Airways Flights to India

Travelling to India with Jet Airways

Cheap flights, special offers and airfare from Jet Airways The Jet Airways flight programme has advantages and enjoys special treatment known as JetPrivilege. At all levels, Jet Airways customers can cash in bonus flight miles, self cabins upgrade and non-JetPrivilege cabins upgrade. Silber, Gold and Platinum Jet Privilege members also benefit from a higher surcharge for additional luggage on both national and overseas flights.

Members of Silver and Silver get up to 24-hour predeparture guarantee bookings with Flexi savings as well as no place-choice fees on most business travelers. The JetPrivilege programme can provide an inexpensive, convenient and trouble-free experience for Jet Airways regular flyers.

Frequent travelers can also take full benefit of the many Jet Airways promotional code offerings available. At Jet Airways, our customers have many practical ways to book their flights between 48 and 2 working days before planned flight times. Certain choices may be better than others where and how you travel.

Checking in at the airports is as simple as arriving at Jet Airways check-in desks between 120 and 45 min before your flight departs for flights within India and between 180 and 60 min for flights internationally. Please note that departing Srinagar, Leh or Jammu travellers must be at least 120 min before departing and departing Dubai travellers must be at least 75 min before departing.

Now Jet Airways is offering newsstand check-in at several Indian destinations, following the trends of airline companies around the globe. Travellers departing from these cities can now buy their eTickets at a newsstand instead of waiting in line for a check-in desk. Visitors with checked luggage can easily go to the check-in desk before passing through customs.

Jet Airways is available 24- to 45-minute predeparture for flights within India and 24- to 75-minute predeparture for flights internationally. Checking in from home, your own motel or on the road with Jet Airways Web or portable check-in.

Leave the waiting line and the newsstand at the terminal completely out of the way and go directly to safety or make a short detour to deliver your luggage. Both web and cell phone check-in are available from most Jet Airways locations. Travelers using web or cell phone check-in must be at the airports 45 min before national departure and 60 min before departure.

With a small charge, all travelers on Swiss and foreign flights can book a place from the moment of reservation until 12, 24 or 72 hrs before take-off, according to the type of flights. For the majority of travelers on flights within India, Jet Airways provides one item of hand luggage with a weight of up to 7 kg.

Members of PG and G are eligible for a hand luggage limit of 10 kg. Luggage weights for intercontinental flights vary according to category, with seats for passengers in Economy up to 7 kg and for those in First and Première up to 10 kg. If you fly with Jet Airways, you will usually receive at least one item of check-in luggage.

Checked luggage allowance may vary from journey to journey according to guests' ages, reservation periods and classes of tickets. With your reservation or e-ticket you will be informed about the max. permissible load of a free check-in bag. Each bag exceeding 150 cm will be charged with an excess size of $150.

Lean back and unwind with your own Wi-Fi capable equipment on board your Jet Airways aircraft with an in-flight entertaining system called JetScreen. The only thing you need to do is get the Airtime Player application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store before your plane out. In addition to great entertainments, Jet Airways' client service also includes good dining.

Select from a wide range of dishes on board that can be cooked in modern cuisine. When making a reservation, travellers can select a menu and make their own wishes. Airways provides specialized vegeterian food, medicinal food, religion food and child food. Kids under the ages of two are deemed young and cannot be travelled on Jet Airways without company.

Kids under the age of 12 are eligible for a reduction when using Jet Airways. Infants between the ages of five and twelve who do not fly with a passenger over the ages of 18 are deemed to be underage persons and are cared for at all hours by a Jet Airways member of the flight crew. 2.

Upon demand, this type of services is also offered by parent or guardian for children between the ages of 12 and 16. Animals are not accepted on Jet Airways flights. Although they are admitted on national flights for a lump sum, they may not be taken into the aircraft and must be transported in the holds.

When traveling with a companion animal, please make sure to reserve your companion animal at least 24 hrs in advance of your trip.

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