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Discount flights to Israel? Only trick you need to know.

While I am writing this, a mate of mine is aboard an El Al jetsetter carrying Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, from Tel Aviv to Washington, D.C. This is not a normal El Al Israel Airlines flight, but then El Al Al is not just another company, it is the State of Israel flags.

While its historical story and sound credentials make it easily recommended, it is not always the carrier that will bring you to Israel for the lowest price. And the good news is that there are more opportunities in heaven to go to Israel than ever before.

As early as 2012, Israel and the EU already concluded a groundbreaking Open Skies Association Treaty. As a result of this arrangement, Europe's airline companies were exempted from many constraints and the number of overseas companies allowed to fly in Israel increased steadily. Of course, at first the Israel airline companies opposed the move because it implied that they had to do more to remain viable, especially with their additional safety cost, but Open Skies has generally helped fuel a booming Israel aviation industry.

The Israel Airport Authority reported in 2012 that around 12. In general, Open Skies was friendlier to the EU's low-cost carrier, who fly to Israel's airport than to the old airline companies, at least in regard to the fact that travellers get more bangs for their money. Airline companies that offer a year-round non-stop flight from US towns to Tel Aviv, be it El Al or US airline companies such as Delta, will probably always have their acolyths, for various and legitimate purposes.

However, if you're looking at your final score with some kind of exam and don't care about a stay in Europe, it may be worth thinking about how to make your next travel to Israel. It is not only on Europe lines that low-cost long-haul operators like Norwegian ensure that heritage airlines earn their living.

To see how much it would take to travel from New York's JFK Airport to Tel Aviv, I picked a chance date in April. Looking at the Norwegian website on March 3rd, I found a ticket price so low that I was almost speechless: $265,20. Next I searched Expedia (also on March 3) for the same itinerary, New York to Tel Aviv.

Whilst Norwegian was offered as an optional extra (albeit at a slightly higher rate than on their own website), the non-stop on Delta came in at a hefty $1,788. This is almost sevenfold the Norwegian fares. You might now ask, "Who will buy a one-way pass to Israel?

" Our answer: Anyone who wants or needs a little more flexible travelling itineraries. Well, but you could also ask: "Won't it be less expensive if I book a roundtrip ticket? I found the cheapest return ticket at Expedia for a week-long journey to Israel leaving JFK on April 23 was $1,049 on El Al.

It is not only the Norwegians who have under-sold the legacies airlines. In September last year, the WOW low-cost airline from Iceland started its services to Tel Aviv, with the light from the eastern and western coast connected via Reykjavik. When it comes to stopovers, it doesn't get much colder than these. Or just hire a rental automobile and find that a fuel oil container can potentially be twice as expensive as it does in the U.S. So if you can get a cheap ticket in either Norwegian (for example) to Rome, you might be able to get an easy way from Italy to Israel for much less than you might think.

Austrian Airlines will be operating 18 flights a week between Vienna and Tel Aviv from 25 March, an improvement of four flights a week compared with the same quarter last year. Until next winters, these frequency bands will be increased to 21 per week, corresponding to a doubled number of flights compared to last year's winters timetable.

Even though this gimmick works all year round, Israel is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination. It is definitely high time to look for and complete lower cost flights during the Passover holiday and even for your holiday in the south.

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