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Similar items Above the videoplayer, click View Alive. The message "On Air Now" appears below the videoplayer. Choose your CATV or SatCom operator from the TV services companies listed (note: this is not necessarily your ISP). Below the vendor master listing is a drop-down menu with additional items.

As a rule, this is the same bank information with which you make your TV services bill payment on-line. When you successfully login, you will be taken back to the videoplayer and the chosen wireless device will start to play back on your computer.

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Which business registration forms can I use? Currently acceptable storage types: If so, will the trading name be used as a "doing business as" name under the name of the corporate body? Is your trading name going to be different from your name of the corporate body? Must I submit an annual report? Will I have to submit a tax return for personal property?

When your corporate body can respond "Yes" to one of the following queries, you MUST submit a tax return for private assets. Individual enterprises and partnerships must submit a personal wealth tax return as part of Application 2 (no charges apply). Rentals (condos, city houses, terraces, rooms, etc.) in Ocean City/Worcester County (Unincorporated) must submit a personal income tax return 7 (no charges apply).

May I submit my annual report / tax return for private assets on-line? Currently, not all business can be submitted on-line. You CANNOT submit your company on-line if it belongs to one of the following groups. Here you can download the annual report and the tax return for private assets. May I submit my annual report / tax return for private assets for prior years on-line?

Companies that have expired or are not in a good position (with the exception of liquidated, combined or fully-consolidated companies ) will be invited to submit proposals unless they belong to the following categories: Note that it may take up to 7 business days for you to verify your application and that further steps may be necessary for you to return your business to good health.

In the event that your company has been lost by the department, you may need to have your assessment(s) certificated or have a "No Assessment" from the department drawn up in order to apply to the courts to settle an invoice and/or obtain a fiscal certificat. Unless your business has been approved for resuscitation or restitutio by another authority, DLLR or auditor, you must also obtain approval from that authority before your documentation can be approved by the department.

Failure by the court clerk to obtain permission from the tax office of the jurisdiction(ies) in which your business is domiciled may result in your business licence being retained by the court clerk. Please note: All registrations via this website (with the exceptions of annual reports and tax declarations for private assets) will be handled within 7 working workingdays at the Department of Tax Assessment and Taxation.

Clients who do not wish to be charged the tax can submit a hard copy of the tax return to the Tax Assessment Department.

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