Multi City Travel

Trips lasting several days

For more information, contact our travel experts who are available around the clock to help you find the best multi-city flight deals. With our multi-city holiday packages, you can visit major cities like London, Paris and Rome with stress-free, easy-to-book packages. When you don't have time for a stopover, you'll still be doing Travel Hacking with Flight Combinations.

Tips and secrets to save on traveling in multiple cities

For a long time, Europeans have been enjoying a travel secret: how to see the most on their holiday for the least amount of cash. Many of us have missed out on this information, and we have got bogged down looking for tariffs for the city where we will be spending our holidays before going home.

Today, in this tape, I will probably show you the best travel saver tip. It will allow you to see more towns for less during your holiday. One thing most folks don't know is that a large proportion of our intercontinental services are conducted with a stopover at a hubs before taking you to your ultimate destinations.

If, for example, you travel to Rome, you will probably have a stay in London. I will use the beloved London and Rome for this example. As we already know, there is a stopover in London to get to our ultimate goal of Rome. But... what we will do is use the multi-city function and go from LAX to London, and then in the next locker we will go from London to Rome a few day later (add depart for Rome three day after the LAX initial).

Normally such trips only costs about as much as purchasing a straight to Rome airline seat, but most of us don't take this up. Well, now that we have added a connection to Rome, we need to another fly to go home. Either we can come back from Rome or if we want to see more Italy, just come back from Venice, all for one low price.

Eventually I will choose my date of departure with a period of +/-2 working days to improve our chances of getting an even better rate. For the best offer, with a two-day stay in London and a full refund from Venice, it's only US$1,369. Check this multi-city rate against Rome's regular rates and you'll see you're just paying about $100 to include London and Venice on your holiday.

That'?s only $50 more per city! I' m sure you will concur that your travel arrangements and cost reductions are practically unlimited if you spend some quality travel experience with the Multi-City function in combination with Best Value technologies.

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