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The rental prices for Pappelhain are based on the hourly use of the aircraft. For more information on our "WET COURSES" please refer to the "Prices" section "**. The Melbourne Flight Training has the best aircraft rental fleet in Central Florida. Melbourne Flight Training is constantly updating and expanding our fleet of rental aircraft, so check back regularly for updates!

RATES 2018 - Summit Aviation

Plane rentals for 2018: There is a 3 hour per night min. charge if a 172 or 152 is hired for a full 24 hours or more. Reimbursement of the purchase of petrol will be at a level not higher than the actual price of petrol at the summit. Our fares do not take into account the statutory value added tax. In addition to the rental rates mentioned above, there are also the costs of air-training.

Instructions are not taxable. Following estimations of costs are calculated on the basis of an estimation of the invoiced floor operating times and the necessary minimal flying times. Pricing does not take into account the tax incurred. Applicants must have 120 complete periods of vocational education and retraining for the business certification. The sums are estimations that differ according to various variables such as variations in gasoline pricing and real operating times above the minima that have been used to meet the standard.

SkyCatcher 162 Cessna & Light Sport Prices

The Spirit is one of the first flying school in the UK to expand its range with the addition of the all new Cessna SkyCatcher. SkyCatcher is a great way to get a cheaper personal pilots certification or a sports pilots certification. Prices for aircrafts valid as of 1.2.18. Please note: Cancellation fee on the same day (not due to bad weather): one hours flying time plus incurred trainer fees.

The Spirit of Flight Flexible Skills: Advantages: Get 10% discount on all your shopping in our Pilot-Shop! Take part in organised aviation clubs and air travel activities! When you are considering working towards your sports or personal pilots card, it is a good idea to be part of a pilots association. Prepayment rebates are granted to our members who make a $2,500 prepayment to their account and then hold at least $250.00 in credit.

In the event the bank statement falls below $250.00, the membership fee will be allocated upon shipment of the member.


Featuring 15 planes, a 1G-650W IFR C172 touch screen and a Garmin GNS430 flight simulator in our flight deck, we're sure you'll find the one that best suits your needs. Please click on the license plates to see images and specification of each one! This is a "wet" rate that includes petrol and diesel.

Prices include limited insurance and limited insurance. Per hour plus Washington State Sales Tax and any fuel surcharges that apply. Never have to refuel your own plane. Others, however, will let you refuel the rented plane. All our airplanes are always operational when cleaning fuels, oils and windscreens. Every airplane is laundered periodically and maintained by our own Federal Aviation Administration accredited engineers to stringent FAA quality levels.

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