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Put on your driving gloves and start your new career as a bus & taxi driver! You can download the Bus & Taxi Driving Simulator and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Taxi & Bus Driver Simulation

5 iconic worldtaxis - from new york, london and more! 7 big buses - automobiles seem too simple? Take on the challenges by driving a large bus! ? CLASSENGERS TO THE UP - take them quickly and effectively to their destination! Begin your carreer with legendary taxis from all over the planet and join the ranks of the world-famous long and big buses!

No matter what you ride, your job will be similar - to pick up your guests and get them to their final destination quickly and securely. Go quickly, but don't let go of the fact that you have to reach your goal in one go! They begin by riding legendary, easy to recognize cabs. Like a taxi rider in London in a renowned Black cabin, change to a Classic Yellow American Chequer cabin, visit some of Europe's favorites and more!

Genuine and entertaining travel will make every journey an unforgettable one for you and your guests! Riding all these great automobiles will be an adventurous journey in itself. Teach yourself to ride them all with accuracy and dexterity! If you have enough taxi riding expertise, take the challenges of riding a big bus around some of the city's narrowest corner!

Adhere to your itinerary and schedule, be sure not to fall, especially while riding your passenger! Complete any New York Bus assignment, coach, London Bus, Classic Yellow School Bus and giant Bendy Bus! Step on the pedals and experience the thrill of the high-speed ride through the town!

Genuine and detailled urban surroundings will let you dive into the adventure. Take your hand off the steering wheel, look at the street and drive!

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Offering hooked riding for all gamers. Control all kinds of large cars, as well as mass transportation, schools and coaches! There are many different challenging drivers that will entertain you for many hours. Ride a utility car, take your clients to their destinations and much more!

Our bus games allow you to select your preferred surroundings, select a busy town and prepare to travel by bus! Controlling a biplane is child's play with the easy control elements in our bus games. Various cars will have different speeds, keep your riding style going and test your skill.

Go quickly, slowly, intertwine your transport and try not to damage your bus! Or rage at one of our challenging events where you can ruin everything in your sights!

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