Uber Plan

Over Plan

Makes your meeting memorable. via event Offer your customers the flexibility of door-to-door transport and just afford the journeys they use. There is no wastage, simple scheduling and satisfied customers.

First Steps

First of all, set up your own meeting by selecting when and where your visitors should travel. Next, share tickets with your customers by splitting your user-defined ticket links or promotional codes. Finally, you shouldn't be worried that your customers will drive with confidence and safety - no matter how late it is.

How much does it pay to use Uber Events? If you buy trips for your show, a 25% authorisation handle will be placed on your ticket to check the mode of payments. Additionally, an administration charge of 2.5% (on the full ticket sales value) will be levied on purchases, except in those countries where the ticket is currently inbeta ( Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico).

Your services charge and entitlements are based on the forecasted value of your entire business meeting. If a trip is more expensive than my ticket is? Should the overall price of a tour exceed the value of the ticket provided by the organiser, the remaining fees will be paid using the standard method of settlement.

Visitors can refresh the billing option before or during their enquiry. If you are an events designer, you will never be charged for anything beyond what you have specified as the maximum amount per trip. What can I do to divide the tickets with my guest? We will send you an e-mail with a clear reference or promotional code that can be readily communicated to your customers.

There are two ways for visitors to apply for their ticket: via a "Claim My Ride" hyperlink or by typing the promotional codes in their Uber application. You' re organizing a big meeting? Please let us know if you plan to host a major meeting and need to buy more than $10,000 in tickets, or if you are scheduling an meeting that will last longer than 7 business days.

We would be pleased to help you organise your major events.

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