Cheap Trips around the World

Affordable travel around the world

Travelling pleasure with a reasonable budget: with 10 cheap dreams Begin with our compilation of 10 of the world' s least expensive nations, from cheap beach bars in the Caribbean to delicious outdoor meals less expensive thanhips. What about great hotels like Granada hit El Almirante from 31 pounds a nights? Well, if that's not your pocket, a Khampiane Boutique in Laos costs about 17 per pound per day.

The lira at a 10-year low has never been a better moment to explore this historic and cultural country. The first stop, the Turkish capitol - and openly one of the largest towns in the world - Istanbul. Taste the outdoor chef Balik Ekmek, a seafood sandwhich for a few of your UK quid, then the world renowned Haggia Sophia, a 1,500 year old building used as a temple by the BC period, and then a Ottoman school.

Entrance is about £7. 50 or, for a little more than twice that, you can buy a five-day museum pass that will take you to 12 places with rebates on much more. No matter where you choose to put your mind to it, you will be warmly welcomed to the many welcoming guest houses, such as the decorated Buyukada Cankaya Hotel in Istanbul, where the rooms price about 26 pounds per overnight.

Staying at the Belarus Hotel, about 37 pounds per day, is just rewarding for the swimming pools. Not only backpacker tourists enjoy Cambodia, but also adults seeking an "authentic" experience with the added benefit of five-star excavations for less than the costs of a home travel lodge.

Takes Palm Village Resort and Spa in Siem Reap, where the price of B&Bs starts at 21.70 per pound per overnight stay for classic Khmer-style homes. If you want a tourist but indispensable Kampuchean adventure, sound the bell and put on your pants with your elephant motifs to observe the sunrise behind the world-renowned Angkor Wat Museum, the most renowned landmark in the huge archaeological park.

Himalayas covered with snows form the setting for jagged mountains, thick jungles, hill towns and (count them) 10 World Heritage Sites, it is almost unbelievable that it is also one of the world' s least expensive states. Animal enthusiasts should go to Chitwan National Park to see a tiger and elephant up close, but beware of luxurious accommodations and spend the nights in Sauraha where a privately owned twin room can be less than 3 per person per day!

Kathmandu's wacky capitol can be a shocking landscape, but once you've taken a walk through the historical center with its gazebos and gazebos, enjoy exquisite road meals for about five pounds a night and spend the nights in beautiful perfect accommodation such as the three-star Boudhanath Stupa Alliance Hotel for about 16 pounds a night. Even if you're a bit more than a little bit of a tourist, you'll find yourself in the middle of a very beautiful city.

Organized trips are available, but renting a tour leader's vehicle is much less expensive and more enjoyable. For excavation you will find neat and cosy peanut shelters ( about 6 per night), while a twin room in a 3 stars Le Roi is about 21 pounds.

Amazingly nice and with the best dining in South East Asia (pipe down, Thailand), Vietnam is still a cheap tourist city. When you' re ready to roughen it, you can get by on 10 pounds a night, which includes a guesthouse, meals, transportation and a few pints - a beer of Vietnam's most beloved beer, Bia Hoi, will cost only 50 pounds.

For about £20 for a decent twin room with A/C, you can affront it to swivel it up a little too. It' s a £17 per person per day to buy a doubles at the three-star Hanoi Serenity Hotel 2. Stock up on tasty road meals with salted stock and £1-2 pasta before you explore the attractions.

Hoan Kiem Lake, is an haven of tranquillity where local people practise Thai ki at dawn. Bolivia, the least expensive state in South America, is a traveller's paradise. Here you can find cheap lodging for about 15 per pound per day or try something like the cosy three-star A La Maison.

Bolivia's got almost nothing to eat. Watch out for almuerzo (Set Lunch), which contains noodles, soups, snacks and desserts for only 1 pound. If you'd like to indulge in another expensive trip, take a trip by car through the world's biggest salty area, the Salar de Uyuni.

Do not miss this stunning view, known as the world' s biggest looking glass. Find out more about Salar de Uyuni, plus 9 other unbelievable places to go around the world. Actually, the trip here will throw you back less than 25 pounds a days, with mega-quality meals and rooms that average 10 pounds!

Visit the three-star Eco Hotel Shanghai La, with swimming pools, garden and bars, for 24 per night. Come and enjoy a great time! And Honduras is a great place to learn how to go diving cheaply, with classes at really affordable prices.

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