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Discount airline ticket, but you'll be paying for everything else - Review of Frontier Airlines

We' re at the airfield through a very full safety system and check-in facility awaiting boarding. You will receive an SMS that the ticket has been canceled and you can verify your e-mail. This e-mail states that we will receive a full reimbursement for the ticket and a $500 Frontier Gift Certificate or can arrange a new ticket (up to $400/person) and a $200 Frontier Gift Certificate.

Without much good fortune we try to find 7 places on a MCO to SYR plane and there is nothing more on this particular date for less than $800/person. For the next morning (lack of work) we find one from a near airports to another near airports for less than 400 $/person. Booking it ($2100), renting a minivan ($100) and 2 rooms (7 people) ($300).

We' ll also have to find a way from one airfield to another where ours is. It'?s not the few bucks we spared on Frontier bookings. On the phone we found out that we can get either a refund for the flight or the rented vehicle, but not both and, we only get 100 bucks for 7 person hotels.

So, if we get refunded for our flight, we're still about $300 for renting vans and hotels, a day's work and take out meals for lunches, dinners and breakfasts for 7 persons (not to speak of laundry charges to launder clothing so we have proper clothing to carry at home).

Calling Frontier, talking to a superior, she said that, essentially, that's all they could do. Prepare yourself with a few thousand additional bucks that you can invest when you use Frontier to make your booking on your tickets and allow a little additional play.

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