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This makes jet performance accessible to pilots and aircraft owners who previously could only dream. We are the proud official airline of the New York Jets. Interior view of Air France Jet aircraft. Stock photo. Occupational aircraft interior cleaning and restoration of carpets and all soft goods from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Amsterdam.

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Our on-site workshops and extensive service portfolio covers the whole value creation process, from conception to Engineering, Production, Installation, Inspection and Certifications, for your necessary changes. No matter whether you need small changes such as smooth interior materials modification, new interior, light changes or a completely new interior for your airplane, our team of designers, engineers and certifiers will do it all.

Our Aviation Technology staff is also available to provide advice on Cabin Management System (CMS) and Inflight Entertainment System (IFE) needs, upgrade path ways and upgrade possibilities.

Challenger 300 Specs Bombardier | Interior, Speed & More

Bombardier Challenger 300 is a demanding, trans-continental, high-performance personal jet. It has been developed to satisfy the needs of customers that no other ultra mid-range commercial jet has been able to do. All of our Challenger 300 planes also have free Wi-Fi connectivity. Inside, the cab has a user-friendly, state-of-the-art electronics system, newly engineered seating for more comfortable seating and room than any other personal jet in its class.

One look at the fastest jet plane in the world (It will Cost you $6,000 if you fly)

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Fly on the Concorde: How was it really?

1976 - more than 40 years ago - in less than three and a half hour élite travellers crossed the Atlantic and flew at twice the rate of sonic velocity in the Anglo-French Concorde. Just 20 of the slim, delta-winged SSTs were constructed, and only 14 were supplied to two carriers - seven each to Air France and British Airways.

The Concorde travellers were able to fly far beyond other airports with first-class services and excellent food, exclusively located airports and stratospheric high fares and reached their destination much quicker than combat aircraft. What was it really like to work with the wealthy and celebrities on a Concorde trip? There was a shortage of room in the world's quickest airliner.

"As you were conscious, you were part of a very small group of persons who had the privilege of being at Concorde. "The Concorde was very small, only about 100 places. "With an inner hull width of about 2.63 metres, the Concorde cab was only slightly broader than that of today's Bombardier Regional Jet.

"was in two stages. We had a front section, then a medium toilet and then a back section," Quest states. "While Concorde had its regular guests, among them the 718 record-setting Fred Finn, an internationally renowned business man, any number of newcomers could be on the plane for their unique ultrasonic adventure.

Su Marshall, a Canadian strolling around the world, was invited by her friend at the time, "who had more cash than Midas", to take an Air France plane from New York to Paris. "In the Concordeounge at JFK, where the "Air France employees were bubbling élan", Marshall talked to an elegantly dressed female Frenchwoman and confessed that it was her first plane ride on the SST.

"The Concorde was a frequent guest of the Concorde and openly said to me: "Better go to the toilet now. "I knew for a young woman used to steering the ship that I had stepped through the slim, minute cigarette tubes into the Concorde bodies and into the rare atmosphere of the divinities and king.

" Richard Ford joined the Landor Associates Landor Interiors Department in the 1980' to modernise the Concorde interior for British Airways. It was my privilege to get a round-trip from London to New York in one day," says Ford. "Excellent gastronomy standards and styles, and I have brought a certified signature as proof of my flying.

" A few years later, to find an important customer, Ford flown the Concorde again, but as a paid traveller. The Concorde was the first - and still the only - airliner with turbo jet power units and afterburner. The Concorde was designed at a period when the aerospace industries concentrated on ultrasonic air transport.

The Concorde was the first - and still the only - airliner with turbo jet power units and afterburner. Described by the UK as "warming up", crude oil was injected into the fumes of the aircraft's four engine types, immediately boosting engine power by almost 20%. "The Concorde differed greatly from the sub-sonic planes of the day.

He had no dampers or fins (high-lift equipment on the wing) and always used full throttle and warm-up capability during take-off," says former British Airways Concorde skipper John Tye. "Every start was a fantastic event, the result was such that we had to give our customers warning in beforehand what to look forward to. "The warm-up was also used to bring the plane from subsonic speed to ultrasonic speed.

At Mach 2 - or 1,350 mb - at 60,000 ft, the Concorde was flying five leagues above sea level and 800 mb quicker than the sonar Boeing 747s stumbling across the Atlantic. "on the Concorde's last outing. In 1976, as a result of societal pressures, Concorde's orders were cancelled because of concern about the aircraft's booming sound and vibration, and British Airways and Air France were the only carriers able to operate the SST.

In July 2000, the plane had its only crash when an airline, Concorde, crashed shortly after taking off from Paris, and killed all 109 passengers on the plane and four on the floor. The Concorde was put back into operation in November 2001, but the old days and rising operational and maintenance cost of the aircraft brought it back in after almost 30 years in the skies.

In October 2003, Richard Quest took the last British Airways Concorde flights, which were attended by celebrities. Quest says of this flight: "It didn't really make any difference how well known you are, the stars were the plane. "Concorde at Aerospace Bristol. Although the Concorde no longer goes to heaven, it can be seen in a number of aeronautical galleries around the globe.

Concorde occupies a place of honour with one of the other highlights of recent transportation histories - a DMC-12 delay train. Seattle Flight Institute - The Seattle Flight Institute is the world's biggest autonomous, nonprofit aerospace and aviation institute, and houses British Airways Concorde Alpha Golf and the first Boeing 747.

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