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Metropolitan Area App that allows users to calculate taxi fares. Below is a list of some of the taxi services available, including MyTaxi, Hailo and Cabify. Best Taxi-App for Barcelona - Barcelona Forum Which is the best downloadable app to request your taxi while in Barcelona? We are quite far away from all tourism places (Ave Sarria) and we are planning to take the taxi everywhere, to and from our hospital. A few folks mention Hailo Taxi.

When for some sake there aren't many cabs (Sunday mornings at 5am, for example, when they're all occupied bringing home people), even the app won't get you one.

Taxi's in Barcelona are black/yellow automobiles much more easily found than apps on a mobile phone. Immediately stopping any Barcelona taxi, whether it is connected to an app or not. Sometimes I order a taxi in anticipation, e.g. if I have to drive to the nearest taxi station at 5 o'clock in the morning.

Nothing other than the Uber of Barcelona.

By taxi in Barcelona

In Barcelona, you will find that you are lucky enough to have a wide range of transport possibilities. It is possible to go on foot, cycle, take the coach, take the underground or call a taxi. Although, if you ever find yourself in a place where you need to get to a place like the airports quickly, a taxi would be the best choice.

That' all you need to know about taking a taxi in Barcelona. Taxi in Barcelona are cheap. As a rule, you will be billed an introductory charge of 2.10 and then 1.03 per kilometre. Include 8-10% if you take a taxi on holidays and bear in mind that toll fees and supplements may be applicable.

Although they are based on a few charges, taxis in Barcelona are still more affordably priced than the USA. After looking at this Taxi Fare Finder table, which compared taxi fare averages from different Barcelona towns, I found that the mean Barcelona taxi fare is 16.23?. Go to the first taxi in line and they'll take you with them.

Or you can call one of the city's 20 taxi funk dispatcher centres. There are also a few taxi apartments in Barcelona that offer you the best rates, itineraries and communications. More than 000 taxi driver in different nationalities. My taxi can be used in 40 different Spanish towns, among them Madrid and Barcelona.

You can book a taxi 4 and a half nights in advanced with this app. The taxi's arriving is counted down. And you can also rate your riders and rescue those you've made friends with. The Side Taxi is similar to MyTaxi, but on a smaller scale. MyTaxi is a taxi. This is the offical app for La Asociacion de radio taxi de Espana (The Federation of Radiotaxis in Spain).

A further great thing is that you can book a taxi in advance. A taxi can be booked in the taxi reservation. Or you can collect a single taxi or split it with someone. If you can't evaluate your chauffeur, you can use the app to book a taxi 7 nights in advance and accept your payment card. Available in several Spanish towns, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Palma, San Sebastian, Bilbao and Vitoria y Sabadell.

So if you just want to see how much it will take to get to your goal, I would recommend the Taxi Fare Finder. Estimate rates so they know the fare of your trip before you board. It'?s not a taxi business. If you ever forgot something in a taxi, there is one missing in the found number 902 101 564.

Ashley Bravo comes from the United States of America and currently resides in Barcelona.

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