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How do I make a cheap flight to Istanbul?? Where can I get a cheap flight to Istanbul? First thing you need to know is that Istanbul has two airports: the Ataturk International Airport und Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (Airline-Codes IST und SAW). If you know this, your odds of getting cheap flights will double, as will any searching for both goals and comparing rates.

From Los Angeles, California, flights to Istanbul costs approximately US$850 with 50 day pre-sales. When you already have a customer voucher, select the provider that gives you the most punch for your money. A further gimmick is to verify the stopovers; often flights with very long stopovers are less expensive.

An 821 US dollar Los Angeles to Istanbul airfare, for example, provides a 10-hour stay in Amsterdam. A further work-around is the search for a cheap tickets to any place in Europe. It' simple to find cheap flights to Istanbul from Europe starting mid-week; Barcelona and London are incredible cheap for $190 return.

Where can I get to and from the airports? There are a few ways to enter and leave the terminal, according to your schedule and your needs. The price is about 40 liras for a trip by cab to the centre. The Havatas 11 Lire International Transfer Service, which gets off at Taksim Square, provides the perfect balance of comfort and money.

In order to safe your transport in Istanbul, take the metro/train combo. From 6:00 a.m. to midnight every day, the subway travels and a ticket on the commuter line will cost 4 lire. If you live in the region of Saultanahmet, you must remit an additional 4 liras at your destination and make the payment.

Altogether the drive to the centre takes about 45 min and costs 8 liras. Atatürk International Airport's nearest TAV International Park is the TAV International Park Hospital. Located on the site of the international airports, you don't have to worry about duties, immigration, passport controls or even visas, making the selection easy.

When you don't have to be at the international airports, try the WOW International WOW Trade Center, which provides a halfhour shuttle every half hours from the international airports to the hotels and is only a 5 minute stroll from the World Trade Center subway out. There is a cosy atmosphere and a typical türkish breakfastbuffet with olive marinades, cheese, crisp loaf, coffe and of course türkish tear!

Ideal for long stays, this guesthouse has free Wi-Fi to let your friends know that you are on your way. You have to be smart: many guys at the airports work on a fee basis, and you will be paying much more through them, so try DIY. Please use an ATM at the airports to get money from your bank because no currencies are allowed outside the airports and the converter charges a high comission.

Keeping these hints in the back of your head, you can make an easy and inexpensive journey to Istanbul, Turkey's biggest town.

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