Buy empty Seats on Private Jets

Get empty seats on private jets.

One look at the website for Airstream Jets shows empty legs until next April. What is the risk of flying by buying empty legs? Seat allocation is based on the purchase of your ZorkFest ticket. Locate and book business jets flights or seats online. Rent a jet, share your cabin and sell the empty seats to others, or simply buy an empty seat offered.

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The charter of a corporate aircraft is costly. Be the first to turn commercial air travel into an efficient and inexpensive collaboration transport model: Have a look at our offer for free places in rented jets and: You can group queries to split the costs of a full-jets and simply buy your seats.

Shire your available seats to lower the total cost of your plane. RESTRICTION Keep your journey private and make your common places available only to the members of your group. The charter of an 8-seater plane for only 4 persons is over: Just buy your seats and make the most of the advantages of the Full Jets.

Divide jets to favorite global event. Order a jets in groups via our automatic reservation system. Mutualise your expenses by dividing the total costs of your journey. Buy less for a regular airline with empty routes. Reducing the costs of your jets by splitting your cabins and selling your vacant seats. Paid only for the number of seats you need.

Just reserve your place, divide your plane, reduce your travelling expenses, complete your transactions more quickly. Rent a plane, divide your cabins and sell the empty seats to others, or simply buy an empty one. Corporate aerodromes are nearer to towns and corporate centres than passenger aerodromes. The system plans jets for global functions, which are made available as empty seats.

Split the costs of a Full Jets by grouping your seating enquiries. Maintain the confidentiality of your organization. Limit your empty seats to corporate members. Eliminate most of the travelling voltage with air jets. Recreational or corporate traveller, whether.... All of you, we can bet! It'?d be insane to go alone and hire a plane.

Whether you are a busier traveller or a busier traveller, we believe you can live in the same cab. Now with lower fares per seated passenger than airliners, you can buy jets and do your shopping more quickly. Employee travel was conducted efficiently and with a clear return on investment.

Reserving our empty seats, empty knees or splitting planes makes travelling by plane less expensive than reserving a full cab. You are either a multi-site organisation or have recurrent travelling needs, jets can be used jointly and made available only to your people. Contact our regional airlines professionals via our reservation gateway to meet your flight needs.

Track the progress of your enquiries from the moment of making a purchase through to confirmation in your secure and designated area. Book your flight on line in a plane and just buy the place for the fare. Savings when buying only the necessary seats. Now you can reintroduce the vacant seats to reduce the cost of your journey.

On our plattform your jets are only displayed to your team. Company jets are abused: your present clients are some CxOs of the worid and lucky few - good for them - but they are not the only ones who should use this unprecedented means of transport. Million of people traveling for businesses around the globe would profit from this.

million of businesses would be developing their businesses and developing footsteps. Boooking Jets expand your product range with value-added jets on the basis of higher pricing and increase your sales. JITTRAY is a fast paced growth company, don't miss the coach. Empty, earthed or train seats can be made available in our square.

A free space that has been auctioned will increase your turnover per ticket. Sales of seats, integrations with sales tool added to group orders will bring your company to the bulk markets, not just those on the road. Your aircraft can now be accessed by tens of millions of business passengers and recreational passengers. Listings - full staterooms or seats - are then shared with a wide range of audiences, from executive to recreational.

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