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Business Jet Eclipse

and companies that were previously characterised by the inefficiency of larger aircraft. e-clipse ea500 | business jet traveller A used Eclipse EA500 can be the best very lightweight jet value on the open jet scene, with pricing ranging from less than $1 million to just over $2 million. However, to see if a particular Eclipse is really valuable at what it cost, you need to know which of the countless available changes and updates have been made to it over the years.

It is always advisable to work with a brokers who have extensive knowledge of the types of used planes you are tracking, but if you are looking for a used Eclipse, it is important. In fact, there are so many 500' with so many different upgrade options available that allocating a basic re-sale value to those in a given year would be a pointless task.

Early aircraft had a host of issues and flaws, and you need to see if they were fixed by the upgrade that Eclipse Aerospace (now One Aviation) acquired from the plane's initial vendor in 2009. In 1998 Eclipse Aviation, the aircraft carrier that launched the aircraft, presented the aircraft as a very lightweight twin jet in series that was to be sold for 950,000 dollars.

However, there were no effects of economy of scale and in 2008 the firm went bankrupt after accumulating debts of 702 million dollars in the production of 260 planes, many of which were supplied without the promise of electronics and other skills, such as flying certificated into the famous ice. In spite of the difficult takeoff in real live, the Eclipse 500 is a rather good small one.

Driven by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F engine twin (900 lbs each), it has a capacity of 251 lbs of propellant, combusts only 60 lbs per h at 41,000 ft, can carry a full 700 lbs on full engine power for 1,125 sea mile, and can continue at a maximum cruising rate of 370 lbs.

The cabin head is 8,000 ft at 41,000 ft. The Eclipse offers a great deal of refinement for its scale, incorporating rugged design, the possibility of being piloted by a sole operator, side stick control and sophisticated Glaspanel anvionics. During 2010, the new Eclipse owners began to offer a modernization programme to remedy the aircraft's defects.

Meanwhile the application known as Total Eclipse or TE has been superseded by the Special Edition or SE. Nearly all of the 260 Eclipses manufactured between 2006 and 2008 have been significantly improved over the years, among them the Innovative Solutions & Support-based Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS) or the newer Plus package, which comprises new dashboard hard- and softwares, anti-skid braking systems and windshields with glazed surfaces.

Last year, two third of the aircraft in our portfolio were IFMS or more, says One Aviation Director Ken Ross. "Approximately 40 aircraft in all are equipped with Avidyne avionics," he says. "If you upgrade to the Plus Package[Total Eclipse], you will receive $700,000 or more. Many of these aircraft are on the aftermarket and the new shoppers come in and do the upgrades.

Once they're done, they have all-in costs that are highly competetive with a[remanufactured] SE[model] or a[new Eclipse] 550. This US$2.2 million SE kit features the refurbished cabin, two built-in avio aircraft control panels, anti-lock brakes, stand-by indicator, PPG windshields, enhanced interiors and a new two-tone paintwork finish.

New 550 Series includes improvements such as LPG levers for smooth motor control, new chassis actuator, an electric climate control system that can be operated from a floor -mounted transport vehicle when the motors are not operating, and improved electronics and stand-by instrumentation. Most 550 Atlas upgrade are available as upgradeable upgrade option for a used 500, which includes improved and synthesized visibility, autogas, road alert, radars and storm scope.

One full-up can cost almost $500,000. Retrofitted 550-style interior spaces are also available for retrofitting and should be considered as Eclipse has made great advances in the design workmanship, seat fitting and seat cushion qualities, side rails, side walls and headliner as well. Continuously enhancing its service capabilities, One Aviation maintains that its centres process 98 per cent of on-site service inquiries for aircrafts within 24 domestic and 48 globalhrs.

"We' re constantly trying to cut our price on a wide range of products, as well as battery and other high load items," says Ross. As well as its own Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico facility, Eclipse has its own US facilities in Boca Raton, Florida and San Diego, as well as in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Eclipse is certificated in 46 different nations and more than 90 fly international. While the new owner of the business has worked hard to provide the right skills and the right level of service for this aircraft, pricing has not quite reached this level of realism - at least not yet.

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