Maxi Cab 13 Seater

Maximum cabin 13 seater

Seven to 13 seater maxi cabin Singapore. Rent two 7-seater maxi cabins? The best thing for you would be to purchase the services of a 13-seater minibus in Singapore.

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The 13-seater minibus Singapore Minibus can accommodate 13 adults with cabin baggage, up to 9 adults with large baggage. 9-seater Taxi Minibus and Maxi Cab Singapore The booking is cheap, easy and confortable when you are traveling in large groups. Founded in Singapore, the airline serves more than 60 destinations in more than 30 destinations around the globe.

Flight directly to Singapore from Brisbane Airport with Singapore Airlines. Go to to make your reservations and benefit from a quick, easy and dependable on-line reservation system. New Maxi Cab Singapore Reservation of 5-seater taxis, 6-seater taxis and 7-seater maxi taxis Reservation and 9-seater Passenger Van Hire and 13-seater Mini Bus Charter SIngapo.

Singapur Malaysia Transfer is easier and less expensive with our 7-Seater Maxi Cab Singapore Cab and 13-Seater Minibus Charterservice. 7-Seater Maxi Cab Singapore & 6-Seater Cab is the best travel option for large groups and is easier and less expensive. 5- to 13-seater maxi cabin Singapore and minibus Minibus coach charters, Singapore.

Booking a 7-seater Maxi Cab Singapore or 13-seater minibus charter with driver.

  • 9/13 Maxicab | MaxiCab Singapore 7/9/13 Seater | Call +65 97775151 24 hours long

Free 15-minute wait for 1-way transfers from date of reservation, after which a $10 per 15-minute bloc charge will apply. 60 minute wait for arrival transfers from the moment the aircraft landed, after which a $15 per 15 minute bloc charge will apply.

The midnight supplement of $10 is charged from 0000 hours to 0600 hours. A $10-$20 extra charge is levied for transfers to and from Tuas areas.

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The 13-seater minibus is always the best option for large groups who want to go together. Rather than book a cab, our 13-seater minibus is the best option. Large cab, large minivan, minibus, large Maxicab or Hiace Van, as they like to call it, our 13-seater minibus is one of the largest taxis you can get.

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