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Skytime offers effortless, luxurious private flying with extraordinary experiences and limitless possibilities. Elegance of Choice EJM Europe offers first class aircraft management and charter services and has the right solution for every customer. A FIRST CLASS CABIN DESIGNED FOR CHARTER OPERATIONS IN EUROPE.

EYM Europe - EYM

EJM Europe offers first class airplane managment and charterservices and has the right solutions for every customer. EJM Europe will meet your needs, whether you want us to service, man or run your own airplane professionally or are looking for a chartership. We save you the expense of administering your airplane for airplane operators and comply with the highest security requirements in the world.

If you are a charters client, we can take you anywhere and at any time with the plane of your choosing. You can select your precise plane model or your cabine sizes for each journey. With our tailor-made charters we can tailor each journey to your needs. Unmatched ServiceOur experienced and qualified staff of flight professionals is at your service around the clock, whether you are on a secluded Mediterranean Isle or in the metropolitan center of Istanbul.

It is the task of your service staff to know you and to cooperate with you in order to directly fulfil your requirements. EJM Europe, which manages the European operation alongside the EJM programmes in the United States, is supported by both NetJets and Berkshire Hathaway and ensures smooth interoperability with the world's widest private aeronautical infrastructures and capabilities.

EJM China Program: NetJets Business Aviation Limited will provide all private aviation administration and operational air traffic support under the EJM China programme. Currently, the airline is seeking Civil Aviation Administration of China credential. Aeroplane managment activities and charters will commence as soon as all necessary permits have been obtained.

NetJets Business Aviation Limited will, conditional on regulatory approvals, be a NetJets Inc. jointly owned company; a syndicate of domestic investor leaders including Hony Jinsi investment manager (Beijing) Ltd, a wholly owned affiliate of Hony Capital, a China's premier private equities company; and Fung Investments, part of the private investing activities of the Dr. Victor Fung and Dr. William Fung family, the majority shareholder Li & Fung Group, engaged in supplying value chains and in the wholesaling and retailing of durable goods.

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