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We plan your trip around the world and compare the best RTW ticket to make you the perfect offer. Competitions & special RTW initiatives. Round the World Ticket (RTW-Ticket) is a special type of air ticket that can take you around the world with various airlines.

Fly around the world to 6 continents in Business Class

RTW, 6-continent Business Class, $2,569! Travelling had to involve 6 differentcontinents in any order with a 48 hour min stop on each of them. It was up to the expert to decide which towns to include. Travelling data had to be between August 2012 and June 2013.

Travelling had to be available for at least two people. That' tens of thousands below the full fare available elsewhere, Oneworld and Star Alliance Round the World rates for only 3continents start at $4,000. When the winner arrived and was validated by our staff for just $1,730, we were just as amazed as anyone else.

Certainly they were missing Oceania or Africa, but no, it was all included, fully available and visited all 6 needed continent. Trip data began in October 2012 and ended in April 2013. Obviously, most humans don't go that way. However, for these adventure-seeking spirits, an RTW journey to 6continents at slightly more than $1,700 opens up new avenues.

In spite of the impressing results, there was one topic in the answers to the competition: Who wants to stay in the coaching all the while? We certainly have done it before, but given the low prices, we couldn't help wondering what would have happened if we had a similar competition for our Businessclass.

While we know that the costs of doing Buisness Classic are typical many times the price of the discounted market, my brain quickly leapt to $5,000; it just seemed like a pretty round number. With the exception of the competition for economies, the same regulations apply: Others are permitted within the continent. That' s why we started the internal competition with RTW 6-Continent 6-Printers Business Classic, and very quickly the first contribution was just over $10,000.

However, this quickly turned around and before the competition was over, an article for only $3,630 was published and reviewed again by our staff. Travelling data were within the October 2012 period. $3,630 for RTW Transit on 6 Continental Markets?! Short offer with alliance and RTW offers trip to only 3 of these 3 continent starting at $11,000.

There was more; the same specialist presented a route with an offer of only $2569! It was necessary for us to check this route by telephone, which violated the initial regulations. In view of the earlier submissions of this specialist, we have complete confidence that it would have been confirmed, which is quite astonishing. At least for the adventurer this means that we can keep exploring this mad world, but with a little sophistication.

As for the remainder, I can only suggest that the next times you consider a journey, just think about this route for a second. Sixcontinents, to distant places, all in full scale businesses, with the promise of less than $3,000. Combining technological and technical know-how to make your teams better than ever to go for less money.

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