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Smaragd City Confidential

You can download Emerald City Confidential[Download] and play today. Discover the lower abdomen of Oz as Emerald City's most cunning detective! View reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Emerald City Confidential.

Smaragdstadt Confidential? on steam

Collaborate with the world's most artful investigator in the shady substructure of the emerald city of Oz! Petra will take you into the secrets of new enemies and trusted faces, including Scarecrow, Lion and Toto. Join a case through five chapter full of riddles, eyewitnesses, suspects und confederates to see them.

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The Emerald City Confidential is a third, mouse-controlled quest in which the players must complete various riddles and follows certain methods to continue the straight line action. A purely graphic venture, Emerald City Confidential follows the rules set by LucasArts: it's not possible to perish or remain locked in the pack, allowing users to dive completely into the Emerald City Confidential world without worrying about a bug or the need to store the pack.

In this sense, there are no storage gameplay features, but the player's location is booked and retrieved on restart. Playfirst Playground SDK was used to develop the pack. For Petra - the main character of the film. Announcing her work as a palace guard during a wartime to search for her missed little William bro, if no one else would help, she becomes a private investigator hoping to find a trail to uncover the destiny of the baby.

Gump - In contrast to the initial tales, Gumps are shown in this play as a kind of cab ride throughout Oz. And one of them speaks, saves Petra and calls himself Fluffy. Dorothy in this Dee - Dorothy is now forty years older and would rather be known as Dee.

Petra presents to Petra the case of her fiancé Anzel, who quickly turns into something much more dark than Petra thought possible. Petra will only be helped if it does not conflict with the orders given to him. The Mule Hank - Hank guarding the door to Betsy Bobbins' villa on Grinetta Lane in Emerald City.

Petra tells Petra that Betsy has many friends, but she really only wants the presents that they are sending her. Petra confided that she had a great deal of regard for Anzel until he ran out of cash. They despise Petra and the emotion is each other. Petra doesn't like her because Petra left the Royal Guard when she needed all the help she could get.

Later Bill acknowledges that he is working for Jack Pumpkin Head to work off a guilt that includes a magical pendant that contributed to improving Trob's overall goodness when she was ill. Petra asks Petra to find out who really blown up the boat to get Jinjur off her back. Pumpkin Head Jack - In this adaption of the Oz tales, Jack Pumpkin Head is the head of a smuggler ring.

but he knows how to pull a good one. Later it becomes known that Captain Bill smuggled gourds with magic artefacts all over Oz for Jack. Later it becomes known that Cutter is actually Petra's little Brother William, who has been missed since childhood.

They left the Royal Guard to become detectives and look for him, although nobody would help. Later on, when the truths become known to him, he saves himself by assisting Petra to defeat the foe. The scarecrow reveals that Ruggedo is concealing Anzel from some foes.

For Petra he offered to do this in return for a contraceptive from the knowledge pharmacy. The Scarecrow - Petra receives a guide to the Scarecrow from Jack Pumpkin Head. At first, the scarecrow seems to be just a strange-looking man who leans against Petra's offices and only reveals his real identities when Petra finds out.

She' s banned clandestine magics within the Emerald City perimeter. The Tin Man is now Winkie Country's president. Later, he helped Petra find her way around Winkie Country. Frog Man - This representation of the Frog Man is that of a gangster who oversees many of Winkie Country's illegitimate surgeries.

There is no reason for her to cause an uproar, since the legitimate princess now bears the wreath and not a magician thirsty. Sorcerer of Oz - Now freed from his throne, the sorcerer trains in Woot's Arenas. when she brings him to Glinda's Towers.

Igu - The wizard's foolish student before Petra asks the wizard to be her trainer. The Glinda - To achieve equilibrium, Petra must also revive Glinda, who then unites with the Wizard to vanquish the incoming forces. It is Petra who murders him by holding him captive in a painting of herself and burns him.

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