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Booking your flight - Book special Première fares on flights to Mumbai and Delhi. It is essentially a straightforward version of the higher-level Jet Airways that offers passengers low fares without compromising service. Airways provides low fare option. Full-line carriers have launched "Light" and "Deal" Unbundles for travel in the Economy Division on national routes. Announced on September 19, the company said it was launching "options for the lower price ranges that allow passengers to select between air plus food or air only".

"As of September 25, 2018, business travelers who book light/deal fare on their Indian flight from September 28, 2018 will not only be able to take advantage of low-cost fare deals, but will also have the option to purchase food from a special onboard curator," the press statement says.

Carrier will still offer free meal service at Light/ Deal fares booked before 24 September. "The press releases state that on domestic travel within India, all functions and advantages, such as free meal, will be continued for Saver, Classics and Flex fare selections as well as for all Premiere fare selections.

There are currently five fare choices in Business Type - "Light", "Deal", "Saver", "Classic" and "Flex". A full range of functions and advantages, such as free meal service, will be retained on all home journeys for the Saver, Classic as well as Flex economies and all Premiere fare selections.

Jet Airways to introduce different fare structures

Mumbai: India's second biggest carrier, Jet Airways (India) Ltd., will offer fare choices from 17 August, a facility where passengers can choose or decline certain ruffles while reserving seats for correspondingly higher or lower fare. "The fare choices are similar to the ones proposed by telecom operators who offer speech and communications packages that meet consumers' needs," said Colin Neubronner, Jet Airways senior VP of distribution and global communications, in an interviewer.

Options include free food and free luggage. Prasad Kholkute, Jet Airways VP (Revenue Management), said there were a combined eight fare bins. "The different tariff classes are distinguished according to the modifiability and reimbursability of a ticketing, miles earned, entitlement to an upgraded service, prioritised check-in and lounging access," Kholkute said.

This means that you can spend your FFP mileage or your eligibility on a lower tariff. Travelers traveling in Business Grade have the choice between the Deal, Saver, Classic and Flex fare classes. Similarly different fare structure follow at Etihad Airways PJSC, Air New Zealand, United Airlines Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc.

Mr Hari Nair, creator and CEO of the holiday website HoslidayIQ, said that differential rates are challenging proposals and you have to sit back and observe how they develop in India. As Nair said, it could be confusing travelers who buy airline seats to expect anything. Mr Kholkute said that a traveller can reduce Rs.400-800 per fare by choosing the first pail economic fare in comparison to the second pail fare.

There will be a much greater discrepancy when you compare it with the 4th pail of economics tariffs, he said. Mr Neubronner said Jet Airways will have better options to provide lower fare, as it will help passengers reduce the cost of certain amenities such as lounging and upgrading. Jet Airways, for example, has to charge Mumbai for 800 rupees per local traveller for entry to the lounges and 1500 rupees for an overseas traveller.

For example, he gave an example of the fierce rivalry on Bangkok-Singapore and how full-service carriers earn cash with brand-name fare in the face of low-cost carriers. Carriers such as IndiGo and SpiceJet in India are offering no-frills tariffs. Almost 70% of India's transport is operated by low-cost carriers.

SpiceJet last year implemented a differential fare system for passengers who opt for less bells and whistles.

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