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Prior to your next flight with Alaska Airlines, you should visit our check-in guide to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Airlines Alaska tightened check-in windows As Alaska Airlines tightens its check-in windows, it says clients who fly from most of its home base now have to check in at least 40 min before departing. Air Alaska says that this is independent of whether a pocket is abandoned or not. Passengers on intercontinental services will continue to have a minimal check-in period of 60mins. Previously, the Alaska Air check-in period was 30 min before take-off.

Airlines' clients can check in at the check-in counter, on-line or via one of the airline's portable applications. Alaska Air said in a Tuesday statement: "The directive amendment will be made so that travellers on Alaska Airlines can anticipate the same minimal check-in times at almost all major international destinations served by the airline".

"Alaska Airlines' earlier directive sent a misleading signal by having different cut-off hours according to the destination and whether a client checked bags," says Jeff Butler, VP of Custom Services at Alaska Airlines -ports and freight, in a declaration. "Under the new directive, check-in time will be the same for everyone, making it more easy for travellers to recall the cut-off, regardless of how they check in or whether they give up a pocket.

Consequent cut-off times should make work easy for clients and employees." This includes Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Newark and Philadelphia, where Alaska Air states that " check-in cut-off takes place 45 min before departure". For Alaska Air passengers departing from Guadalajara, Mexico, check in 90 min before their planned flight departs.

Wherever Alaska Air clients check in, the airline will remind them that "the company's long-standing passenger management policies remain the same - passenger must be on the flight for all departures at least 30 min before the planned flight time". Air Alaska says that "the overwhelming majority" of its clients are already adhering to the new check-in period.

However, beginning Wednesday, Alaska Air says that leaflets "that miss the cut-off will be handled exactly like clients today - they will be given a $25 same DA certified slot on the next available airline ticket, subject to availability". In spite of the 40-minute rules, Alaska Air also reminded travellers that the cut-off "does not guarantee that travellers will make it to their departing gates in good time to board".

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