Extra Seats on Charter Flights

Additional seats on charter flights

One way or another, it's a lot less than chartering the entire plane. "Seat sharing" allows travellers to buy free seats on a private aircraft, whether on a tailor-made charter flight or on a pre-defined route. I didn't see the flight you needed? Possibly as part of a new codeshare partnership with the public charter operator JetSuiteX.

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Within Charters: Buy -charter through the seats

However, per-seat charter, the common flight/red-cost-air taxis approach, still attracts potential operators even though there is a lack of screaming passenger or seats to accommodate them. The youngest participants in the stadium include JetSeat, Surf Myllykoski and Arrow Snowflake. Meanwhile, the per-seat charterer BlackJet (née Greenjets) has recently introduced an extensive track extension, a signal that the approach is picking up speed.

Nevertheless, many charter pros are sceptical about the plea per seating position, as private space and mobility are limited. Could you split a charter with a stranger? If so, what charter possibilities are there now? Being a pro-seater, you give up the luxuries of having the cab to yourself, controlling when you want to take off, and in some cases, which airport you want to use.

In addition, the cost per seating position can be significant compared to conventional charter. SchwarzJet warrants a ticket on a Los Angeles to New York trip for $3,500, the highest rate. Xojet, which has contributed to offering the charter sector point-to-point prices that are clear, is charging $25,300 or more for this itinerary. Suppliers per seating place undertake to keep up the standard of charter service high.

There are two main types of per-seat providers: arrangeurs and moderators. Arrangeers arrange or run flights per seating position; moderators offer the stage for potential passenger per seating position to join and make reservations. BlackJet, which falls into the Arrangement class, has handled more than 1,000 flights per seat between New York, South Florida and Los Angeles since 2009 and has recently expanded services to and from San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas and Washington, D.C. BlackJet has also launched an iPhone application to accelerate reservations and has cut its current $10,000 per year dues to $2,500.

Surf Air and Arrow Flight Club, two up-and-coming arrangement companies, now also service famous stores. California's Surf Air, Santa Monica, carries many of the trademarks of a pro-seat charterer, but is formally classified as an air carrier as its three single-engine Pilatus PC-12 turbines perform regular flights. Founded in June, the firm is located between Burbank, San Carlos and Santa Barbara, California.

All you can fly membership for a $1,650 per month membership rate, and members can make simultaneous reservations on four flights. The PC-12s served from General Airline terminal are below the mass required for passengers to be screened so that passengers can get on and off as in a personal plane.

With 16 flights per night, Surf will have 10 planes by next year to extend the services to Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and in California to Palm Springs, Sacramento and the Sonoma/Napa region. The Arrow Flight Club opened flights per se in July between its Boeing Field bases in Seattle and Oakland and San Jose, California, on board Kenmore Air's Piaggio P180 Avanti II twin-engine turboprop.

We also plan to link Oakland and San Jose with Los Angeles via Burbank and Orange County via the airport, with rates beginning at $299. Moderators can be contacted if you are interested in a pro-seat charter outside the major itineraries. London's Victor, a member-based charter reservation site established in 2011, offers pro-seat charter on its website.

Victor's charter clients can put up empty seats for auction on flights they reserve, and Clive Jackson says that about 25 per cent of them do. Victor's charter clients who travel in one direction can also choose to travel a round trip and sells seats on the way back, which can further lower their overall costs, Jackson says.

On all flights with availability per seated, the web site shows the fare, the particular airplane, the number plate, indoor and outdoor shots, the carrier and other information. Recently, the website lists around 150 flights in Europe and North and Central America. Users looking for seats on certain flights can sign up for warnings when such flights are booked.

Jackson says the obstacle to the charter per member per se is now the absence of a critically large number of seats available, although he thinks Victor will have enough stock in the system "next year" to build a dynamic one. JumpSeat, located in Massachusetts, arranges seat-seeking customers with shared seats from operators and operates air matching to make sure the airlines are interoperable.

Homeowners have a right of appeal over who can buy seats on the basis of member profile provided by JumpSeat. As a rule, the firm does not provide individual seats, but rather two or four seat units. They can view the list of available flights, receive notifications when a list is published for a trip that interests them, or book a trip you are willing to undertake if another member shares the cost.

JumpSeat was launched in March and has approximately 3,000 members (mainly seating buyers) and recently had offers for approximately 150 forthcoming charter flights across North America with vacancies. A Pro-Sit Charter may or may not be the right option for you, but it seems that you will have a growing number of options to try it out and find out.

Meaning that the pro-seat pilots have to give up both composure and private life?

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