Fake Restaurant Bills

Counterfeit restaurant bills

Hand-held counterfeit detector Ideal for small businesses and small eateries Hi, I just bought this item, the B$URE unit, to verify US dollars. One of the "strength pens" I had used was the one that reacted with the money, but I was said that they were easily falsified and could produce wrong results. Some of the key words I needed or wanted to use in a verify system were: simple to use, very precise, quick, reliable, accessible and innovative.

B$URE machine seemed like it was exactly what I wanted to use. Requires 2AAA battery (not included) and is small enough to slip into my bag. I have attached a videotape I made of this unit as it is better to see something in use. This is my first movie review....hope it's okay) I was hoping this one would help someone.

Any way I can get fake grocery bills?

It will be fun, stroll through the favorite dining places and eateries in your town. Normally folks have a tendency to throw the bills when they open our doors. All you have to do is go one restaurant at a time to get many bills. The restaurant that you go to on a regular basis.

Ask him for a few coupons and it will depend on your relation with him or her. Visit any restaurant and ask for the bill for that particular night.

Solicitor: I'm a lawyer: Racial comment on Loudoun Co. restaurant bill is fake.

At a Loudoun County restaurant last week, a waiter said she was bribed by a pair who at the end of the cheque said they "did not tip off anyone black" from a tip on a bill. Friday, a solicitor who said he was representing one of the clients said the whole thing was wrong.

ASHINGTON - Last Month, a waitress at a Loudoun County restaurant said she was stiffened out of a bit on a bill by a pair who at the bottom of the check typed that they "will not upset dark people". Friday, a solicitor who said he was representing one of the clients said the whole thing was wrong.

The Hebda alleges that someone printed the receipts, falsified his customer's signatures and the absence of tips and then written the racial memo on the floor. Tellez and the restaurant have not yet responded to a question.

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