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Hire a jet to fly

Providing customer service that provides an unparalleled flight experience. About for private jets' planning the London-Dublin route. That leads us back to the question. What factors determine whether it is better for you to fly First Class or charter a private jet? The cheapest way to fly privately, of course, is to have a friend who invites you to his flight.

Hire a business jet or VIP aircraft

Hire a Citation III Privatjet for exceptional luxury and time-saving performance. Departure and arrival of special privately owned jet terminal with an estimated 5 minute journey from your vehicle to your privately owned jet. First, personal jet aircraft are a highly effective way to conserve valuable resources. Up to 9 people can be accommodated in a Citation jet and you can fly from e.g. Copenhagen to Las Palmas without stopping for petrol, while the large stateroom offers luxurious amenities with mini bar, large comfortable seating, large table and more.

Charter & Charter Airline Services

Hire one of our gorgeous planes and enjoy a journey beyond what you would ever have expected. Buying an airplane can be discouraging, especially with a full timetable. Anything we can do for you and get the desired rate and the desired plane. Your aircrafts are managed with special diligence and planning competence.

If we' re gonna run your plane, we're gonna handle it like our own. Bombardier, a Canada-based aviation, space and transport corporation, was established in 1937 by Joseph-Armand Bombardier. Initially, the enterprise produced snow mobiles and finally dared to produce corporate planes and public transport vehicles. It is the third biggest Quebec-based airframe producer.

Grumman began to produce airplanes under the name Grumman and was changed to Gulfstream in 1968. At that time they began to produce corporate jetliners such as the G200 and G450. Embraer, a Brasilian aviation and space industry enterprise, manufactures civil, defence, law enforcement and farm equipment. When you buy an Embraer airplane, you can enjoy the quality and convenience of owning a dependable corporate jet from one of the world's biggest airplane manufacturers.

The São José Dos Campos-based enterprise was established in 1969 by Ozires Silva. Located in France, the firm began manufacturing defence fighters and finally began manufacturing corporate aircraft in 1963. Ever since it was extended to include commercial aircraft, the airline has supplied over 2,100 aircraft to over 80 nationalities.

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