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The Metro Fare Deal program allows eligible passengers to obtain a Fare Deal card that is valid for Half-Fare travel on any Metro trip. Trusted travel offers from Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando and San Diego. homepage Are you looking for funny, thrilling and adventurous experiences for your holiday? Cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Panama Canal, South America and the USA allow you to discover your wonderful places with great pleasure. There are all kinds of honeymoon, honeymoon, romance couple and familiy holiday resort for all!

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fares program

The Metro Fare Deal programme enables entitled passengers to obtain a Fare Deal pass which is available for Half-Fare travel on any Metro itinerary. Among the approved entrants are: Persons aged 65 and over are entitled by default; evidence of maturity is necessary. Cardholders of a Medicare Health Insurance Gold or Medicare Health Insurance Gold cardholder of any ages are also entitled as well. Drivers with a disability who do not have Medicare and are not 65 years of age must apply and be qualified to participate in the programme.

Information on the fare business can be found at: Fare Deal Office, 7000 Montgomery Rd. Fares Deal Cards: After approval you will get a "tap and show" smartcard to travel by metro at half price. Simply touch your smartcard on the destination picture on the fare list, show it to the carrier and make a payment as indicated on the fare list.

Deal Fare monthstickers: Labels are available for $38.50 per months, allowing you to travel indefinitely and covering zones and transfers. Labels can be bought at the Metro outlet at 120 E. 4 st. between the fifteenth of the previous months and the tenth of the current year. Notice: Labels are only available for the current months - not 30 workingdays after the purchase.

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