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In South Africa you will find a top selection of helicopter flights for an entertaining adventure. It'?s amazing what this Army helicopter Lynx can do. I' ve read about a helicopter being flown upside down during a loop of the loop, but this is a short-term task.

Hubschrauber flights in South Africa

Excursions and helicopter trips in South Africa give you a bird's-eye perspective of the South African countryside and its beauties.... It is a wonderful land that offers some of the most scenic places in the whole wide range of the globe. Excursions in South Africa and helicopter trips allow you to enjoy the South African landscape from a bird's perspective.

Sightseeing flights offer the possibility to explore a large area in a relatively brief period of the year. There are a number of places in the country from which helicopter flights are organised. A number of airlines offer tailor-made helicopter flights to one of the many cities in Southern Africa.

Ranging from the Drakensberg Mountains, Zululand and the Valley of a Thousand Hills to the Wild Coast and Garden Route on Africa's eastern shores. A helicopter ride in Southern Africa is usually a great adventure not to be missing, usually in combination with a great lunch. Recently, many of Southern Africa's wildlife and wildlife sanctuaries have featured helicopter flights and excursions around the area.

Limpopo's various park areas offer you the unique chance to take a wonderful helicopter flight - and give you a bird's perspective of the wonderful scenery and rich fauna of the country. A helicopter flight in Cape Town will take you to Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles Mountain Chain, the wonderful sandy shores, the deep sea and the many lovely vineyards.

You can take an exhilarating helicopter flight around famous places to observe whales (e.g. Hermanus) and watch these charming animals from the skies during the summertime. Nelson Mandela Bay Subway (Port Elizabeth) offers picturesque helicopter flights for those wishing to take a bird's eye perspective of the subway, the coast and the area.

You can get inexpensive five-minute somersaults, a half-hour panoramic views of the town, or a one-and-a-half-hour journey through Addo Elephant Park. So if you want something more thrilling than a relaxing flight, why not try a 30-minute adrenaline-charged helicopter flight in a Huey helicopter?

World War I helicopter has been beautifully refurbished and now features helicopter tours that will make your hearts beat faster and a smirk on your face for at least a few short flights. Following the gentle start from the V&A Waterfront, the stunning Huey makes its way along the western Cape shore towards Melkbosstrand Beach, and then the action begins.

Sense the'G-forces' as the Huey increases velocity and vertically moves upwards before falling back down to the ocean. The Huey, after completing a few other exercises, returns to the Huey bases for a Huey certification that confirms your Huey adventures. This is definitely a helicopter excursion in Southern Africa that you should not miss!

It is an incredible and wonderful land and merits to be explored in the best possible way - a helicopter flight from Africa. The NAC Aviation Division Helicopter Operation offers a range of VIP helicopter related helicopter related activities, including aerial skidding, geology, gaming, helicopter photography, fleet tracing, fleet maintenance, fleet maintenance, fleet maintenance, fleet maintenance,....

It must be the most dramatic way to see the Drakensberg Mountains, where some of South Africa's most famous geographic attractions are located. Macana Aviation offers exciting helicopter tours in and around Cape Town, pamper yourself and explore the magic of the Cape..... You wanna do a helicopter flip?

Look for helicopter trips (and services ) or look at other things you can do for many sports related pursuits such as adventure, cruise, sightseeing and culture. During a sightseeing tour you can explore a large area in a relatively brief period of the year. In South Africa there are a number of places from which helicopter trips are organised, photographs are absolutely forbidden.

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