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Let's take a look at all the scams, loopholes and tricks that revolve around Uber. Watch how the scams work and protect yourself. New Ride-Hail scams are on the news and if you're not careful, they'll hit your wallet too.

Don't be a victim of the latest over scam, "puke scam."

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Five about scams everyone should know about.

Over is one of the most beloved transport platform in the globe and operates in 633 towns around the globe. Yet, like any hotshot facility, Uber has some poor apples that exploit holes and naïve peas. Let's take a look at all the frauds, flaws and ploys that surround this cab techno-business.

While the first part of the paper is aimed at you as the endangered Uber passanger, the second part focuses on the Uber riders as victim. Do not hesitate to share your experiences in the field of commentary. This fake Uber application is intended for Android use. As soon as the attacker types in his username and passphrase and clicks "Next", the actual Uber application will start and the program will not generate any reason for concern.

Let us assume it's a big night for you - a big anniversary, a big personal meeting or a big meeting with your mates. The next morning, however, you get a message from Uber that comes with poor messages. This means that due to the number of persons in your group, your trip was upgrade to a ÜberXL.

Uber took this step, for example, to stop five persons with ten travel sacks from ordering a small van and hope to get away with it. A few eager riders, however, misuse this function. If, while driving, you have the feeling that the rider is not satisfied with your group or is slightly referring to the "crowd", don't be afraid to take some shots with your mobile telephone.

The fraud happens in places where the riders are waiting with their apps in short-term car parks. Let's just say you're at an airfield getting a lift. Soon afterwards you receive an SMS from the rider saying "I'll be there in two minutes". You know little that the rider will repeat the procedure all the time and many other customers will be taken along for a different kind of trip.

About almost always gives you a $5 loan if you dispute a cancelation, but it is still the trouble of having to begin the whole request procedure of another trip. When you see that a car has not been moving within the first few minutes of ordering, call the chauffeur. You had a great fucking night, everything's going well, and the trip you just ordered was a pad away.

But when you get into the car, you might notice the drivers murmuring that the Uber application is getting a little confused. "Would you please requisition the trip again? I' ll take a departure," he added. Uberapp didn't screw it up, it was just a little ploy to raise his fares.

Don't ask for another drive before you go into your application to see if it really didn't work. But the point is, since the rider didn't want to call off the trip himself and thus loose cash, he asked you to do it. When you have the feeling that something is lazy, please submit it to Uber, your first ticket price estimation.

It' s 3 a.m. and the easily accessible carpool has just taken you and your buddies home after you came by for a never tasting, so good fastfood. On the next you thought that a $35 drive would happen is $150, thanks to a one-sided "cleaning fee" because of this one filthy serviette you abandoned during the journey from your quaint menu.

The most important thing first - if you have caused chaos in the truck, you earn the fee, so don't make a complaint. From napkins to puke sessions in the cars, however, it is a long way, so the driver must present photo proof that their cars have been damaged. Trouble is, some non-ethical riders don't hesitate to adjust their seating to give the impression that they have been destroyed if they don't like their customers.

When you think that the circumstance could lead to such a thing, take photos of the inside of the vehicle when you go. It is also a good suggestion to immediately verify your ticket price and your payment method so that you can immediately contest them in the event of a dispute. If you' re an over-driver, what is it?

Check out the videotape below to see some of the con artist targeting the drivers: Alert your relatives and buddies who know about all these con games by posting this item using the provided links. Or you can formally notify the fraudsters using the links below:

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