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The FlyGeorgia was the second national airline of Georgia based in Tbilisi. Booking flights with Fly Georgia. Find out about Fly Georgia fees and the latest flight information. Fulfill your dream of flying at iFLY Atlanta. The indoor jumping facility allows you to feel the thrill of flying in a pleasant and safe environment.

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The FlyGeorgia (Georgian: ???? ??????; IATA: FGE) was the second Georgian domestic carrier based in Tbilisi. This was a private and operated company offering services to a number of European, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) destinations. At the end of 2013 the licence was postponed.

FlyGeorgia was formally notified on 30 July 2012 that it will commence operations from Tbilisi to Batumi and that the first service will take off on 3 August 2012. FGE was formally declared on 6 October 2012 to take off with an Airbus 319 non-stop service from Tbilisi to Amsterdam.

FlyGeorgia reported at the end of October 2012 that it had ordered two more A320s. Deliveries of the first of these planes are scheduled for the end of 2012, while the second will be made to Tbilisi in March 2013. Mr Fly Georgia also stated that it would take off for Germany, Ukraine, UAE, Iraq, Brussels, Kazakhstan, Armenia and many other places.

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