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False sex on international flight tickets - Air Travel Forum

Hi everybody, last weekend I bought a Supersaver from Amsterdam to New Zealand to buy a tickets with stops in Frankfurt and Guangzhou. Once I made my reservation, I realized that there was MR on my tickets instead of MS. I fly mainly with China Southern Airlines and also with KLM and LAN Airlines.

I' ve talked to savings makers a few time and they said they couldn't make the sex different and it wasn't a big deal. But I also approached the message and they said it was a bit of a draw. The saver says I have to buy a new lottery ticket, but that' s not really an option for me.

Also, I approached China Southern to see if they could fix it, but they can't do that for me. As this is an international plane (which I have never done before), I am very concerned about this state of affairs. Hello, gender won't be an option.... If the NAME -- first/previous, last/last/family and other name on your travel document does not coincide 100% (distance problems not included), what will (or could) be a problem?

There will be no problem as long as the first/last name on your pass matches the one on the tickets. I am still concerned, however, because the message said that I could be rejected, and the carrier also said so. And who at the agent and the airlines said that to you?

It is not a hassle, it is a matter of your own decision which form of address you would like to use. When you are a wife and want to be known as a Master, then it is perfectly okay and no one will do an informal sex test for kindness's sakes, I can't believe they said it could be a bug, this bug happens often and it's not a bug, Mir or Ms is not part of your juridical name.

It' just the fact that when a message says it's a big deal, you can't help but worry. Persons who work in an embassy do not always give the right answer. It'?s not a big deal. I am really outraged that someone in the message said to you that this is a big one.

Indeed, some time ago there was a case in the press where someone did exactly that in the hopes of upgrades: The name someone uses doesn't always indicate the sex they were birth with, I thought everyone knew that, all that counts for aviation is your name on the passes matching that on your flight card.

And what if it has the false sex on the ticket, as opposed to the form of address (one day I travel as an emperor or king or something)?

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