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Enter the email address of the recipient Please enter a Valid email address of the recipient Required. Store your receipts in your phone gallery to email or print them out. cash-receipt date receive from address dollar for the total amount due balance paid due cash check money order from. Digital receipt is an electronic copy of the paper receipt you buy in the store at the checkout. What is the best way to find the format or template for the rental receipt in Excel or doc?

Submit year-end tax receipts to all your contributors.

Dispatching financial statements is a great way to thank your contributors and recognize how much their contributions mean to your business. In order to help your organisation get more done with its contributors and help them with their tax, we have just introduced a new function that allows you to submit financial statements with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can easily create your own financial statements and view them on your website.

In order to begin processing your vouchers, go to your bankroll and click on the End of Year Donation Voucher button. Here you can process your fiscal year period, your annual donation receipt and your e-mail template for the annual donation. An annual financial statement is a record of how much a particular contributor has donated to your organisation.

Ensure that all your corporate information is correct and comprehensive as it automatically generates a receipt for each of your dispensers. You' ll be able to process the last of your receipt. Once the receipt has been processed, you can upload a sample (with test data) of the receipt that your sponsors will receive.

End -of-year donor e-mail is the news your senders receive in their mailbox. Begin to edit the topic line and text of your e-mail. Remember that your e-mail contains the receipt as an attachment. Once you have edited your e-mail, you can begin sending a test e-mail.

This is where you can find out exactly how your sponsors will view their vouchers. As soon as you are prepared to begin shipping your financial statements, you have several choices. It is possible to retrieve each donor's year-end receipt and print a copy, submit the receipt to a single contributor, or bulk e-mail it to your whole donation basis.

Visit your donation page and next to the information about the donation you will find the possibility to choose the Annual Financial Statement 2017. When you click on a particular receipt, a modem dialog opens with a receipt thumbnail. In order to retrieve a printed copy of the receipt for a particular dispenser, click the "retrieve receipt" icon at the top of the pop-up screen.

In order to e-mail a particular contributor with the enclosed receipt, you can click "Send receipt". As a result, an e-mail is sent directly to the chosen dispenser. It is also possible to mail your receipt to your whole donation area. In order to do this, go to your donation page and find the "Send all receipts" icon.

If you click on it, a pop-up screen displays a pre-view of the e-mail. If you click "Send Receipts", all your sponsors will receive a bulk e-mail with the 2017 year-end receipt. Up to 15 mins. may take until all your senders receive the e-mail. It' just a matter of seconds to get these financial statements out to all your contributors!

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