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The Helitours is a domestic airline in Sri Lanka which is operated by the Sri Lankan Air Force with aircraft which are not required for military purposes. History[edit] The Helitours is a Sri Lankan based air carrier operating the Sri Lankan Air Force with non defence related aircrafts. Currently, it is the second biggest carrier in Sri Lanka with a 16 plane squadron behind the 23 planes of the Sri Lankan carrier, which with its Xian MA60 planes manufactured in China is dominating the RML-TRRR-JAF three times a week.

Helitours Flight Services was founded in 1972 on the instigation of the Air Chief Marshal Deshamanya Paddy Mendis to serve the tourism world. At the end of 1972 Helitours also flew to Male. A Convair 440 second-hand was bought by Eastern Airlines in 1973 to strengthen the operation of Helitours between Ceylon and the maldives.

During the early 1980s, the company initially decelerated, then it was closed due to operating demands resulting from the beginning of the Sri Lankan civil conflict. Following the end of enmities, however, the Luftwaffe resumed Helitours in 2009. The Luftwaffe provided civilian transportation to Jaffna during the Spanish civil strife, but this was not regarded as a Helitours facility.

Helitour's MI-17 is getting ready to touch down. Skip up ^ "Global Airline Guide 2016 (Part Two)".

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Using choppers, you can get to places that you can't get to by plane or that take a long trip to get to by plane, train, car trip or even ship. The Helitours staff will support you with their own choppers and an expert crew for personal and freight transport and even for medicinal purposes. At Helitours we offer a broad range of chopper service.

If you are a privately owned company, we can manage your aircrafts for you. We arrange air cargo and passengers charters, maintain the integrity of your aircrafts, train you to fly, and if you are a privately owned company, we can manage your aircrafts for you. Two different classes of Helitours are available - one- and twin-engined. Helitours was founded in 2005 with its own basis on a privately owned helisport in Lo?e, Slovenia.

We are now the proud owners of the European Air Operator Certificat and two other Airbus SA 365 C 2 choppers in our possession, with the aim of offering our customers a better, quicker and more accessible service. Helitours has years of experience and will be your reliable companion in a broad spectrum of service. We have a dedicated staff of professionals from various areas of aerospace - Operations, Airworthiness, Flight Trainings.

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