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Indoor G4 Jet

What cab upgrade pays off? BJT therefore opted to find out which interior enhancements not only offer a better viewing pleasure for the present owners, but also help make a corporate jet more appealing for charters and enhance its re-sale value. Hagerty, an airplane agent in Georgia, has agreed. "Furnishing style seems to change faster than in the past," she says, "and it's almost impractical to know what prospective airplane purchasers will want.

Mr Zimmerman says that before any renovation, homeowners must consider how long they want to keep the plane, because what is fashionable today is unlikely to be in a few years. Prior to upgrading, ask yourself if it really makes the plane more valueable to you. "If, for example, you convert from a forward to an eight-tower cab, the plane will still be in competition with the same year of the four-tower cabin," says Robert Rabbitt, Jr., Avpro Maryland Aviation Business Manager.

Taking into account lost time also extends to the present owners, in particular those who rely on regular trips in commercial air transport. What will it take to rent or charters another aircraft during the downtimes necessary for reconstruction? "We have seen some aircraft conversions ranging from $5 million to $6 million where the aircraft was parked for six months," says Rabbitt.

It is interesting to note that Sorace believes that cabin characteristics in smaller airplanes are less important for reselling than the toilet. "The majority of our planes have a fridge and a coffee machine, and our air travelers don't want much more," he says, "but a toilet with sinks and a tough front and not a drape can make a big deal of difference.

" Most of the planes of Cutter has an airshow system, he added, which most people like. LR Services holder Patti Squire, of Pennsylvania, says that "as long as the cab is clear and looks fairly new," their clients are satisfied. It says that airplane pilots are not interested in renovating their interior to give it a more contemporary look.

Today's corporate aircraft and passenger aircraft operators want their smart phones, tables and laptop computers to have the same connection in the air as on the floor. They want this connection for both passenger and pilot, who all use more than one device. Unfortunately, it is a very technological and costly nut to reach this global levels of connectivity ranging from ocean levels to 50,000 ft at velocities close to Mach 1.

For many corporate jet operators, the desired level of connectivity may be limited by the overall dimensions of their jet (not enough space for indoor devices and outdoor antennas), the costs of the equipments, their installations and maintenance, and the subscriptions levied by the operators. "It' s cheap in comparison to the other satellite-based web applications.

" Gogo Biz is only available when the aircraft is 10,000 ft above sea floor, and it only works over the USA, a part of Alaska and South Canada and a thin stretch of the Canada western coastline. In order to achieve broadband outside these areas, it is necessary to use satellite-based technologies.

The majority of US Gulfstream carriers would have an HD710 or BBML system for global use and Gogo for national use. - Determine how long you intend to keep your plane. - If you' re hoping to start selling soon, speak to a few jet agents or retailers about the value of upgrades. Get in touch with them.

Unless you're upgrading, at least do a cosmetical overhaul of the interior and maybe the outside. - If you are planning to keep your plane for five or more years, get tips from other owner and agent companies. Enquire from agents and retailers about the impact of work on retail value.

  • If you are considering chartering the aircraft, ask charter/management firms for their views on Upgrades and Supplements you are considering. - Obtain estimations and advices from multiple machining centres before deciding what work to do. - If you have the cash and really want to do a one-time, costly upgrading of your favorite jet, do it.

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